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How to Wear Red for Valentine’s Month


The love month is here! Whether you’re taken, single, or anything in between, you can celebrate Valentine’s month with pride (and chocolate). Your fashion choices can be influenced by the romantic month, and I recommend getting yourself into the red vibe. I was inspired by red the other day when I met up with my friend. He is always super stylish and well-dressed but wears mostly safe, calm colours. As you can imagine, I was truly shocked when he came to meet me in a red turtleneck and black loafers with red socks (same tone to match the sweater!) with dark denim. He looked amazing and it got me thinking about bold red tones in fashion. 

Red can be such a heavy, hard colour to wear but almost everyone suits it, and I think we should all embrace it a little more. It’s a striking shade which screams boldness, braveness and classic style. Plus, it's February – the love month. What other excuse do we need!?

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Here are my picks for the best red-toned clothes and accessories for you to get into the romantic spirit this month and beyond...

● True red nail polish for high-gloss, opaque red talons.
If you’re not quite up for wearing all-out red clothes, go for pops of opaque red with nail polish. This glossy lacquer by Pretty Vulgar has killer packaging and a perfect red hue. 

● A figure-hugging red bodysuit 
Valentine’s Day or not, this red bodysuit is freaking gorgeous. It has a subtle rib with a turtleneck and long sleeves. It hugs the body perfectly and is stunning with high-waisted pants or skirts. 

● A slick leather biker jacket in unapologetic red 
Valentine’s Day fashion doesn’t have to be girly or overly romantic, it can be badass and tough as nails. This red leather biker jacket is just...well, take a look for yourself. It goes with everything from casual to the highest glam, and it will last you forever. 

● The most incredible red cashmere coat you’ll ever have 
If this isn’t the coat of your dreams, I don’t know what to tell you. The moment I saw this I literally gasped because it’s so perfectly designed and the color is achingly rich. If your budget can reach this high-end coat...honestly, treat yourself for Valentine’s Day ASAP. 

● A cropped sweater with splashes of red and dashes of blue for casual-cool style 
Wear red casually with a sweater like this old-school cropped number from Proenza Schouler. The eye-blazing red is broken up with splashes of blue, black and grey. Juxtapose the casual with a pair of slick leather pants or a sequined skirt. Or pair with ripped jeans and heeled boots. 

Wide-leg, high-waisted pants in soft fabric and drenched in red 
There’s no bounds to the appeal of wide-leg, high-waisted pants and these softies in watermelon-red are insanely cool. Pair with a plain white t-shirt or clash with a printed blouse for Val-day outings. 

● The most badass red boots with metal heel and toe 
Need I explain? The design details on these beauties are to die for. You won’t even want a boyfriend or girlfriend with these on your feet as they’ll be taking up all your love. 

● A compact, beaded bag with shimmer and shine...and red, of course 
Go for red accessories if red clothes just don’t do it for you. This little bag is covered in faux red pearls and brings a certain innocent-chic, old-school vibe to any look. 

● The sweetest little earrings with red hearts and gold hoops 
Pretty, just all-out pretty. But these earrings are more than just sparkly adornments, they’re made with love by a fairtrade women and grandmothers collective who are dedicated to safe and respectful work conditions. Silver, gold, red and gorgeous. 

● A belted maxi dress in silk-feel fabric with shirt sleeves and a-line skirt 
For Winter Valentine’s Day dinners, wear this belted, long-sleeved maxi dress in solid red. It’s the perfect mix of feminine and masculine and the silky fabric gives movement and a swishy hemline. 

● A red puffer jacket for the coziest and coolest Valentine’s Day 
This jacket goes by the rule that the puffier the better. It has a full, high collar for keeping your neck warm during Valentine’s month, and gold snap closures for little flashes of glitz. 

● A true red shirt with contrast seams and full sleeves 
A buttoned shirt is a staple, hands down. While most of us have at least one white shirt hanging in the closet, a red one is just as versatile and far bolder. This one from Mango is affordable and has cool design features like white seams and full sleeves. 

● Red, white and blue Adidas Yung to step out stylish on Valentine’s Day 
Stomp the streets with Val-day red in the form of some chunky Adidas. They’re red, sure...but they’re perfectly balanced with blue and white too. 

● Slimline, wing-tipped sunnies with red frames for a sexy stare on Val Day 
For daytime Valentine’s Month escapades, wear red sunnies such as these slim beauties with angular edges. I love how the low-cut design shows of curated brows and shimmery lids. 

● The red suit of your dreams 
I mean...come on. Look at this dream suit...I’ve lost my words. The design which has gone into this suit is impeccable. A low neck, high-waisted pants, strategically-placed jacket slits for pocket access, and the most amazing shade of red ever. This is how feminine suits should be.  

● A vibrant red cashmere beanie 
Stay warm and rock the Valentine’s Day hue in this neon red beanie in the softest cashmere. 

● An embroidered red leather case to keep all of your new jewelry 
Keep all of your love notes, secret photos and jewelry from your lover in this little red leather case. Red, gold and securely zipped for you to stash away your most blush-worthy treasures. 

● A passionate perfume in a fiery red bottle to fragrance your night 
And finally, spritz yourself with the essence of red with a little Armani and seize the night. 


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Get into red this month to pay your respects to the saint of love. Whether it’s a full on red suit, a beanie or simply a slick of red nail polish, find a new vibrancy with red and get hearts a-fluttering everywhere you go. Month o

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