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My Top Selected Fragrances For This Spring

titov dmitriy

I can’t think of many things more satisfying than placing a fresh, glistening new bottle of fragrance onto my shelf at the start of a new season, ready to be spritzed at my leisure. Fragrances are fantastic ushers of new seasons and new phases in why not treat yourself to one this Spring? Spring, afterall is the time of fresh beginnings, light, color and growth...what’s that got to do with perfume? Um, I’m not sure but I just want to give you as much reason as possible to treat yourself to just go with it.

I've selected my favorite fragrances to obsess over this Spring. If you get a chance, next time you’re out and about, pop into the store and give these perfumes a sniff...I’m certain you’ll love them as much as I do.

Gucci - Flora Gorgeous Gardenia
Gucci’s Flora line celebrates the classic scents of our favorite flora, from fruits to flowers. I’ve chosen this one for the undeniably Springtime nature, inspired by the incredibly powerful scent of Gardenia flowers. If you’ve ever breathed in the smell of Gardenia fresh in bloom, you’ll know exactly how lovely it is.
It’s a floral, feminine, fresh scent great for girls and guys who love to smell pretty, with hints of red berries and heady patchouli. Speaking of pretty, the bottle is gorgeous, with a simple, clear bottle with delicate pink perfume inside.

Moschino - Toy 2
Toy 2 from Moschino has the cutest little bottle ever. It’s a smiling little teddy bear in frosted glass with a simple, cream-yellow perfume inside. But the scent is what we’re after! This scent has a woody tone thanks to the sandalwood and musk, but it’s kept fresh with the flowery, fruity tones of apple, mandarin and peony.
Toy 2 is feminine and flowery, without being sweet or sickly. Great for people who like a little woody drama with their Springtime floral fruitiness.

Chanel - Chance
What’s classier than a Chanel perfume sitting proudly on your vanity? Chanel Chance is a scent for anyone who wants to remain sexy and sultry during the Spring. It has that crucial Springtime floral tone with jasmine, but keeps the drama with patchouli and pink pepper. We love the simple, round bottle with golden elixir inside.

Marc Jacobs - Daisy Sunshine
With a name like ‘Daisy Sunshine’, you just know that this is the perfect Spring scent for lovers of all things feminine, fun and pretty. The scent is playful and floral, with strong citrus notes and white woods to keep it warm. The bottle is golden yellow, with the signature Marc Jacobs Daisy cap. Sweet, fruity, flirty, fun and positive.

Jimmy Choo - Illicit Flower
The faceted bottle with feminine pink perfume inside is a dream for lovers of sparkly, jewel-inspired trinkets. But the scent is what’s so gorgeous about ‘Illicit Flower’. You get a hit of fruity florals with sexy musk tones, with a whisper of ultra-feminine rose. Apricot and mandarin bring Springtime zest, with freesia and jasmine adding the true floral nature which encompasses Spring. Floral and fresh, with musky sexiness too.

Tom ford - Beau de Jour
Here we have a fragrance for the guys, (or girls who love masculine scents). Tom Ford describes this as “Classic. Sharp. Maverick”, and it really delivers. The superstars of this scent are lavender and patchouli, which offer a sexiness combined with sophisticated, subtle florals. The bottle is deep, dark, chocolatey and mysterious. This is the fragrance for you if you don’t want to go down the overly sweet or floral route for Springtime.

All saints - Sunset Riot
We love this unisex scent from All Saints. It offers the perfect mix of woody, floral, herby, oriental and citrus tones with rose, pink pepper and orange flower. This is the kind of scent which is adaptable for all seasons, especially Springtime, for people who like to keep a little sexiness with their fruity freshness. The square bottle with amber liquid and creamy white label has a classic, slightly retro feel.

all saints

Burberry - Her
Cara Delevigne is the face of this perfume inspired by London life. ‘Her’ is a positive, girly, fun and bright scent with a fruity, berry hit. This is the perfect Springtime scent for gals who love sweet, fruity, girly scents with an undertone of woody mystery. The bottle is as feminine as the scent, with a powdery, pale pink and gold color story in a square bottle.

Cartier - Carat
The diamond masters at Cartier have created a fragrance to go with their repertoire of world-famous jewels. This is the perfume for anyone who loves to wear floral scents in the Springtime. The pure, fresh, undeniably floral scent has violet, hyacinth, lily and honeysuckle in a bouquet of fresh florals.
The creators wanted to make a scent that reminds the wearer of the glistening intensity of diamonds. The bottle is stunning, with a multi-faceted, diamond-like shape which catches the light and glistens.

Roos & Roos - A Capella
We have chosen this irresistible fragrance by Roos & Roos for all of you ladies who adore the scent of rose. It’s rosy without being too sweet or sickly, but fresh and bright instead, with green, woody tones. The bottle is the picture of classic style, with black, rose gold and clear glass.

Spritz this Spring with a fresh new scent and a sparkling new bottle to admire. Whether you love fruity, floral, woody, fresh or sweet, there’s something for you in our list of the best fragrances for Spring. Get yourself to the department store with a friend and have a scent-smelling session to find the perfect one.

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