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Shave or Not Shave December

Roman Samborskyl

Someone said December is the most anticipated period of the year, and rightly so. For most people, this is the only time of the year that they get to enjoy any real break away from work. Some plan vacation trips while other book fun-time schedule. There are also a lot of outings to attend in the yuletide and new year season and this is why the December period is very special.

A lot of people also plan their life activity and daily behavior to be more spontaneous in the December period. This is based on the fact that their normal day to day lifestyle has been streamlined to follow a particular order, and getting more freedom will definitely make them feel more alive. A vivid example of this is men that tend not to shave during the December period. But whatt does this translate to, and how do women perceive this? We take a look at this in the following subtopic.

Should Men Shave or Not Shave During Holidays
Ordinarily, the choice to shave or not shave during December depends on many factors. For some men, their occupation demands that they should always have a clean shave all year round. Examples of these are men that work in the corporate world. If peradventure this kind of men fancies having an unshaven beard, this is the best period to explore that. Let us not take away the fact that frequent beards shaving can lead to skin rashes and infection. This alone will make men that are mandated to keep clean shaves all year round, want to keep their skin safe for the holidays. Also, for men that make use of synthetic products for shavings, it is quite appropriate to take some time away from this product as they could be very harmful in the long run. Some people also keep beards in this period due to keeping up with a cause. An example is an awareness that is raised for cancer patients where people have to leave keep their beards and hair unshaven.

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Some people also keep beards to raise money for the awareness of men’s health. On the other hand, there are reasons why a man would want to shave during this period of time. Keeping beards, a full beard is practically very stressful, and for some, this is the only period of the year where they can ease themselves away from the stress of tending to beards, applying various hair foods, as well as trimming the beards. Everybody wants a stress free December, and just simply shaving off the beards for this period will help you worry less about it. On the other hand, shaving of hair is very cheap, and little expense you just have to consider is getting the shaving stick or razor. But keeping full beards, on the other hand, means that you will tend to accrue more expenses in the products and tool that will help you get the perfect beards. December period ordinarily comes with a lot of expenses on its own, and the little ones you are able to cut off might just come in very handy for you. In some climes, men offer to completely shave off their hairs so as to raise enough money for barbers, 50% of which will be donations for patients suffering from cancer.

Is Shaven or Unshaven Beards Attractive?
Men normally realize the one that best suits them and goes for it. For some men, they tend not to like the idea of having full beards because they look good in clean shaves. On the other hand, keeping ‘perfect beards’ is the pride of other men, and they cannot afford to shave off their beards. But most times, ladies have a lot of factor in the decision of beard keeping. Having full beards means that there will be the prevention of face irritations like acne. The notion behind this is that seldom shaving will prevent the spread of bacteria, and this will keep the face fresh. This reason is why most bearded guys usually have fresh faces, and ladies love guys with fresh faces. In a way, bearded guys ten to look more mature than guys than guys with clean shaves, and the sings of maturity is one important factor that looks out for in men. On the other hand, people have come into the realization of the fact that maintaining a full beard is never easy, and it takes patience, dedication, commitment and a lot of hard work. Due to this, there may be bias towards men who have taken time to keep their beards, as there is always a presumption of these attributes by the ladies. Full beards like thick voice and solid body structure is also a huge sign of masculinity that ladies appreciate in men. Also, a lot of ladies fancies cuddling up with their man and playing with his beards.
But this goes both ways, as there are some ladies that their specification is a guy includes a clean shave. They have a valid reason for this too. Some claim that clean shaven guys tend to look much younger, handsome, and less aggressive than the guys with full beards. Full beards might look rough, and ladies who prefer smoothness would always prefer clean shave to this. Another interesting point of ladies being biased to smooth shaven guys is that they look classier in all outfits compared to full bearded guys. Some even go as far as saying guys with clean shave look more responsible with those that are full-bearded. There are some ladies that do not like the feeling of hair against their skin, and normally, this type of ladies will tend to prefer clean shaven guys than bearded guys.

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The aforementioned points may necessarily be valid or just be a misconception. However, rationally, all of this depends on the attribute of the man himself. Also as a guy, your girlfriend or spouse can have a say in whether you shave or not save your beards in December

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