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Sari Valenci

Sarivalenci is Slovenian fashion label celebrating youth cultures, their salvage, and emancipation. In the exploration of rare subcultures, their habits and way of living, we mould a unique fashion style, which primal purpose is to blend functionality and art. In short, it embraces all means opposing disorder and accident. Therefore it signifies a human need and qualifies man’s thinking and doing.

The Sarivalenci line offers a complex perception of apparel identity. It strives to a supreme form of allure that blossoms at the often contradictory border between individuality and community.

Sarivalenci autumn/winter 2018 collection ”ZARDOZ” revolves around the struggle to find a balance between being rational and emotional. It represents the contradiction between the decadence of 70’s interior design and high-tech futurism. It is a reaction against sleek mid-century modernism in favour of playful embellishment and radical experimentation with form.

Being rational is about achieving perfection and being emotional is all about embracing imperfection.

With this collection, we wanted to combine different elements that at first sight don’t make sense rationally but feel right emotionally.

sarivalenci AI 18/19

Strong, well-tailored pieces, which textile and silhouette derive from very popular padded chairs from the 70’s era symbolize perfection, in opposition to rough streetwear segments which represent imperfection. Each garment is a form of hybrid that resonates the nature of human's everyday objects and technology. Through a combination of furniture design and Western fashion elements, these new conceptions are exhibited through associated colours, fabrics and craftsmanship in the form of clothing and accessories.

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