Poke Design Studio: from Unique Idea to Better Realisation

Design Studio That Dares to Poke

You know when you see a cool apartment (like Mesarska in Ljubljana) and all of a sudden you want to redecorate your whole apartment although your partner definitely doesn't agree---and in my case, neither does my wallet? Yeah, well, I get those kinds of urges any time I see a project by Poke Studio in Ljubljana.

Poke is a design studio working within the field of spatial design, focusing on private and public interiors, furniture design, exhibit and event set-up. They’re a small team of three women who they pretty much live and breath creativity. Facing new challenges and approaching each one of their projects with utmost enthusiasm is their jam and if you need someone to work closely with to create or redecorate a space of your own, look no further than Poke.

1. Who is Poke?

As already mentioned, Poke is a design studio working in the field of interior design covering the area of private, office, residential and retail interiors. But most of all: Poke is a team. Three very different personalities, three pairs of eyes that look at the world in their own way. But it is exactly this combination of diverse experiences that is our strength. We created this business together because we are all passionate about design and how it can positively affect and change our everyday lives. We want Poke to become the synonym of a professional, quality service with a unique approach to interior design. Why did we choose the name Poke? Everyone can access the same inspiration as everyone else, and styles and trends can be replicated in an instant, therefore we dare to poke with new ideas and aim to stand out from the crowd. 

2. Describe your studio in 5 words.

Bold, fresh, colorful, professional, multidisciplinary.

3. What are the main guidelines of your studio? What sets you apart from others?

As a studio, we don’t want to be defined by a specific style, rather we want to create personalized and unique styles that are a true reflection of who our client is. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach and we like to combine many different disciplines and knowledge when approaching a new project – from graphic, product, photography, exhibition, to stage design. We always design spaces that tell a story---a personal or a brand one.

Storytelling in interior design is important as it helps to develop unique ideas and evoke meaningful experiences.


Designs today are defined only by functionality and aesthetics most of the time and they often lack an individual expression.

Project Helena/
Project Helena/
Project Helena/

4.  You’re still a somewhat young design studio. How did the transition from being an employee to being self-employed kickass bosses go? What were some of the biggest challenges and lessons so far?

We’re not going to lie. The transition was not a piece of cake at all and is still ongoing. Every day is a bumpy road, and there is a new lesson to learn in every corner. With great power comes great responsibility. Some of the biggest challenges at the very beginning where how to get noticed and trusted by clients, when we didn't have a big portfolio to showcase. There is a big pool of design studios out there and we had to be very persuasive and innovative to get noticed.
We soon realized that good teamwork is the best recipe for success. Youth brings us a fresh perspective but we also know how important it is to continue studying and learning from experiences every single day. It’s all about delegating the right responsibilities to each team member, trying new work methods, learning from mistakes and, in the end, never giving up. 

5. What has been your favourite project to date?

All of our projects are so unique and special in its own way that it’s really hard to say which one is our favourite. But if we’d really have to choose just one, it would definitely be the small boutique hotel in Osp. It has unique architecture, landscape, and an interior that took us back into history and working on a lot of bespoke items. We actually can’t wait to show you the finished result. 

6. What project would you love to take on if the opportunity presented itself?

Every project is unique and there is always something new that we have to learn and explore. We would love to get more projects in the hospitality sector: bars, restaurants, hostels and similar. Working abroad has also always been one of our future plans too so bring it on, investors. :)

7.  Where do you get your inspiration for your Poke Pattern Challenge patterns? Do you plan on printing any of those patterns or offering them as a digital download to your clients?

Poke pattern challange was the Poke 2018 challange.
For the #pokepatternchallange we released a new pattern on our social media every Friday. It was our challenge for the year 2018. We started it because we love challenges and it was a great way to challenge our creativity and try out different illustration techniques. The best part about his challenge was, that we could get inspired by anything we wanted and really let our imagination run wild. We are planning to open an online shop with posters that were created during the challenge in the near future. Make sure to follow us and find out what is our new challenge for 2019.

Pattern Challenge/
Pattern Challenge/

8.     Got any interior design hacks that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

To create design that works for you, you need to understand yourself and how you will be living in the space. Think of the mundane, like where do I read, where is my paperwork kept. You should address the practical first, then embrace the fun part of interior design. A space that tells your story, full of design that you love and stuff that means something to you brings an Interior design together. That after all is what makes it your home. 

9.     In your opinion, what do you think really defines a certain space? What’s that one main thing someone should pay attention to when (re)decorating?

What defines a certain space is its uniqueness. You can create a unique space by personalizing it. We believe that interior designer’s job is to design a space that is primarily functional and secondary a reflection of clients wishes. The project is complete once the client starts to live there and makes it come alive. To successfully (re)decorate a space we should first understand that the space shouldn’t revolve around furniture but the person’s habits and lifestyle.  

10.  What part of the design process makes you all giddy with excitement? Is it the color schemes, the materials, the details or something completely different?

Every stage of the design process is interesting in its own way. Some are more and some are less fun, but all of them are vital and should be made with goodwill. Of course, we all love colors and materials but we somehow get the most excited when the project actually comes alive and starts being what it was intended for: a home, an office, a bar, a hotel or anything else.

11.  Are Monstera plants the new black? ;)

That is actually quite true. A quick scroll through Instagram and we see monstera plants in interiors, as prints, in set design... Monstera has social media to thank for its current A-list status. And yes, we love to embrace current trends but we always try to combine them with an idea of our own. We love plants in general. They bring nature into our home and create a unique atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what color scheme you have going on, plants will always compliment it.

12.  Favourite interior design brands that you love that won’t make our bank accounts cry?

Made, Hubsch, Zara home, H&M home, House doctor, Ferm living. The list of those that would make you cry is unfortunately much longer.

13.  What do you wish your clients knew before starting to work with you?

It is important for the client to know that interior design is a process and as a client you need to be part of it. We love working with clients who know what they want but are at the same time open to new ideas and are not scared to think outside of the box. We think client’s needs should be respected as much as possible, however, clients should not forget that they are hiring us as professionals who know how to be a guiding voice, just as they would be the guiding voice in their own profession. 


Thank you, ladies! Keep on poking (and rocking) it!