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5 Perfect Ways to Wear White this Winter


White is one of those colors which looks great all year round (in fact, what color doesn’t?! Who makes the rules?). But white is especially gorgeous during Winter. The fresh, iciness of the air matches the freshness of a white garment. It can be really tempting to hibernate in black and almost-black colors during Winter, but let’s resist it and go to the light side instead!

Here are our 5 perfect ways to wear white this Winter...

Maxi-size paired with boots...oversized clothes
Winter is the time for oversized clothes. Imagine snuggly, cozy, warm, and layerable clothes in maxi-sized styles. One of the best oversized garments ever is an oversized, knitted cardigan with long, rolled-up sleeves and a slouchy cut. Pair with jeans, either skinny or wide leg, and a pair of leather, heeled booties. This one from  Micha  (available at ASOS) is perfect, and it has a touch of cream for those of us who struggle to keep pure white clean.


Another way to max-out your sizing and wear white is to go for crisp, white, man-style shirts in icy-white linen. Pair with slim blue jeans, tan boots and a slash of color on the lips. For super cold climates, wear a merino wool long-sleeved layer underneath your shirt, and a wool coat on top when out and about. This is making me long for Winter already! This shirt from  French Connection combines the oversized comfort we love, with the crisp tailoring of a perfect shirt.

French Connection

Knit hug: the magic of the knitted sweater
Knitted sweaters are what makes Winter bearable...along with cosy Netflix nights, comfort food, boots and wool hats. White knit sweaters go with absolutely anything, jeans, pants, name it. We adore this one from Artizia as it has an irresistibly fluffy texture and a cropped style to neatly accommodate high-waisted pants or skirts.


My boyfriend’s pants…slouchy jeans and pants in shades of snow
Slouchy pants, (like the ones your boyfriend wears), look effortlessly cool during winter. And in white, they look even better. There’s something about white pants in thick fabrics such as denim, corduroy or even just looks high-end and fashion-forward no matter how casual you style them. Imagine baggy, white jeans with textured patches and rips, rolled up at the bottom and paired with high-heeled ankle boots and a sweater dropping casually off one shoulder. We fell in love with these high-waisted, wide-legged jeans from Urban Outfitters . We love the 90s vibe the model has too, with her black combat boots and cropped, high-neck sweater.

Urban Outfitters

Cozy Coat...the faux fur outer layer
Winter is the season for getting cozy, getting warm, and getting extra glam, in my opinion. It’s not about hiding away, it’s about going over the top. And one of the best ways to have fun in the colder seasons is to go for a big, fluffy, cozy, faux fur coat in a pure white or ivory shade. Go for something bold and unapologetic like this fluffy creation from Missguided. The thing about faux fur coats is that you can throw them over jeans and and old t-shirt to wear to the supermarket...or wear it over your slinky wool wrap dress for a night out.


She is the “Chic(k)”...the white silky dress
When you mix white with a silky fabric and a flattering cut, you get ultimate Wintertime style extravagance. Go for silky, satiny dresses with long sleeves and a layerable cut. We love this wrap dress with cuff ties and a low V by Pretty Little Things. A dress like this can be layered with tights, or even over super slim indigo jeans and heels. When Spring and Summer come around, your dress doesn’t need to be hidden away as you can wear it alone with nothing but a natural tan (or, an entirely fake one if you’re anything like me!).


This Winter, add a little icy lightness to your wardrobe with some key white pieces. Oversized cardigans, sweaters and shirts are all cozy, slouchy ways to add white without going too formal or crisp. Or, go for a knitted cropped sweater in a fresh white or ivory shade to pair with any bottoms and shoes you have...such as a pair of baggy white boyfriend jeans. White makes any eye or lip look pop, so use it to leverage your bold Winter makeup looks.

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