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How to create NY resolutions that you’ll actually want to stick to (& don’t include giving up cake or pizza)

Petar Mulaj

NY resolutions: how to write them & not fail.
Yep, it’s that time of the year. The time when we all decide that next year is going to bring out the best in us, we’re going to do it all “right,” that we’ll stop eating pizza on a weekly basis and that we’ll replace Netflix with going to the fitness at least 3 times per week because fitting in our even-then-too-small jeans from a few years ago is what needs to happen, no matter the sacrifices and uneaten pizzas that we leave behind.

But what if it’s not about setting very specific goals like exercising more and eating healthier but about deciding on a bit more general resolutions that are based on how we’d like to feel instead of what we’d like to achieve and then making daily decisions based on that? So instead of resolutions being restrictive, like for example “I’m not going to eat sugar,” we change that into a more general positive affirmation (although that phrase “positive affirmation” makes the non woo-woo person in me cringe a little) like “I will eat what nourishes my body because I’d like to feel healthy.” I mean, that green smoothie immediately got a little (although admittedly, not a lot) tastier, didn’t it? 
According to Danielle LaPorte, the creator of The Desire Map, “knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have.”
Personally, in 2019 I wish to feel grounded, creative and free. What I’m going to do about it? This:
1. I’m going to (try to) stick to a routine.
The quickest way for me to feel grounded and “at home” is to have a routine and exactly what my scattered brain needs. Approximately same time of waking up, going to sleep, walking the dog and working which, if you work from home like I do, can be a challenge. 

2. I’m going to (try to) organise my time better.
I get sucked into the black hole of the world wide web way too quickly and setting times for specific tasks will help me limit that time that is spent being highly unproductive and make time and space for working on my creative projects.

3. I’m going to (try to) say “no” more often.
“No” to that social gathering that doesn’t interest me that much, “no” to that work that I’m not excited about, “no” to things that I don’t say “hell yes” to. It will leave me with more energy and time to spend on the things that I’m actually stoked about.

And why do I keep saying “try to”? Because I’d love to do and feel all of that but I’m also a realist and know that sometimes life happens so I’m sure I’ll fall off my New Year resolutions wagon at some point (probably few) through the year. And guess what? That’s okay. We’re all human and sometimes that extra piece of cake is worth more than us feeling healthy the next day and sometimes that third Netflix show in the middle of the night is worth more than feeling rested in the morning. It’s all about balance and how are we ever to know how that feels like if sometimes we don’t fall out of balance?  

So how do you want to feel next year and what will help you feel that way?

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