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Modern Office: Incredible Mr Porter and Off-White Collaboration Redefines Sportswear


The revolutionary new Modern Office collection is a wonder to behold. 

Mr. Porter and Off-White have collaborated to launch this innovative range of men’s modern sportswear, featuring an incredible blend of the past, present, and future. You’ll find tradition and originality here — but you’ve never seen anything quite like it. 

Mr. Porter is one of the foremost names in men’s fashion, combining the latest releases from leading designers with invaluable style advice. This legendary site helps men look and feel their best, presenting the finest clothes, shoes, accessories, grooming products and more. 
Off-White is the brainchild of Virgil Abloh, a man who makes versatile streetwear into a truly luxurious choice for the modern buyer. Since Off-White launched in 2013, it has continued to gain greater and greater momentum, establishing Abloh as a true master of design to watch out for. The collaboration between Mr. Porter and Off-White comes as no real surprise, and the result is just as eye-poppingly beautiful as you’d expect. 

A Closer Look at the Modern Office Line

Modern Office dropped on January 21st, bringing men with a taste for high-end streetwear a bold new set of toys to play with. It has all the hallmarks of Abloh’s work, boasting traditional touches alongside a visionary boldness. 

The Modern Office capsule collection is inspired by today’s workers and their evolving workplaces: the strict severity of yesteryear’s suited-and-booted office drones is consistently fading away, empowering employees with the freedom to express their individual style during the daily grind. 

It’s sportswear done right: you can wear this at your desk, in the meeting room or in the bar at the end of the day seamlessly. Luxurious cuts and fabrics, comfort and the cutting edge of style — what more could modern men ask for?

Exploring the Modern Office Capsule Collection

Modern Office comprises 44 pieces:

  • 20 clothing items including trousers, jackets and shirts
  • 18 accessories (hats, backpacks belts etc.)
  • 6 pairs of footwear 

The collection even includes Simpsons-related pieces, ideal for the man who wants to showcase his fandom with pride without compromising his style. Multiple T-shirts feature elements from the Simpsons franchise in a subtle-yet-dynamic way, such as Bart and the family home on Evergreen Terrace. 

It’s just one of the amazing aspects of the line, demonstrating Abloh’s unparalleled creativity. Other standout pieces include:

Camel Slim-Fit Double-Breasted Virgin Wool-Blend Blazer/ Courtesy of
Skinny-Fit Paint-Splattered Denim Jeans/ Courtesy of
Logo-Print Cotton-Blend Field Jacket/ Courtesy of
Industrial Panelled Ripstop High-Top Sneakers/ Courtesy of
Printed Shell Messenger Bag/ Courtesy of
Painted Distressed Denim Trucker Jacket/ Courtesy of
Slim-Fit Painted Distressed Denim Jeans/ Courtesy of

Even a quick look at any of these items is sure to have you hooked.  

Off-White: The Tale of a Rising Star

The new Modern Office capsule collection is another exciting step in Virgil Abloh’s journey. 

He grew up in Rockford, Illinois before going on to gain a degree in civil engineering and a master’s in architecture. It was here, studying in his home state, that fashion first sank its teeth into him. 
He snapped up a role as Kanye West’s creative consultant at just 22 years old and launched his first label — Pyrex Vision — in 2012. He brought this to an end less than two years later but created Off-White in its wake. 

The mission was to blend an innovative streetwear style with an upmarket flavour, and the label has continued to expand ever since. It has made its mark at Paris Fashion Week, is sold all over the world and has stores in New York, Shanghai, Toronto and more. 

Needless to say, Abloh has more than his fair share of ambition — and he’s making serious headway in the fashion world. He creates pieces that appeal to consumers at a commercial level, yet still infuses his work with enough creativity to retain his high-fashion credentials.

That’s not a line many can straddle easily, but Abloh’s managing beautifully so far with Off-White. 

Luxury, Style, Diversity

The Modern Office capsule collection has enough variety to cater to a diverse array of looks, personalities, and lifestyles. Whether you actually want to stun your colleagues in the workplace, grab attention in your favourite drinking den or just inject a few bold touches to your everyday wear, Mr. Porter and Off-White have you covered. 

Without a doubt, this will go on to inspire other creatives looking to blend cutting-edge aesthetics with casual streetwear — but none will match the freshness inherent to the Modern Office line. 

What do you think of this collaboration between Mr. Porter and Off-White? Which pieces can you imagine yourself wearing, and why? Share your thoughts below!

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