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Men Hair Trends In 2019

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We often focus a lot of women’s hair and beauty...but what about the guys?! They have luscious locks too (the lucky ones), and they equally need advice on how to best style them. We’ve devised the top five haircuts for men in 2019, catering to all most hair types and colors.

Read on, guys (or girls who are looking to revamp their boyfriend) for what to do and what not to do with your hair in 2019.

The Jason Momoa: long, luscious, carefree, unstyled-style
Our first 2019 style is for guys who can’t and shouldn’t part with long, luscious locks. Jason Momoa is known for his wavy, curly hair which either sits at or below his shoulders, is swept backward, or tied in a bun. As much grief as the “man bun” gets, I think it’s awesome and should stick around. Long hair on guys is gorgeous and super cool, especially when well cleaned, conditioned and trimmed at the ends. You can achieve a carefree, swept look while still upholding baby-soft texture and clean fragrance (as opposed to the greasy long-haired guys we all remember from high school).


Do’s and don’ts:
 -DO keep the ends fresh and regularly cut
- DON’T let frizz get out of hand (use a serum)
- DO use a conditioning spray to up the softness
- DO encourage curls
- DON’T let it become matted
- DO play with your parting
- DO embrace the man bun!
- DON’T let it get too greasy at the roots

The Milo Ventimiglia: tucked behind the ears, side parted, dark and floppy (in a good way)
Milo Ventimiglia (‘This is Us’, ‘Gilmore Girls’, team Jess!) has great hair, full stop. But his best look to carry through to 2019 is his mid-neck, side-parted look which suits thick, wavy hair. The length finishes just below the ear lobes, with the top kept reasonably long with a side part and strands free to flop casually over the forehead. It’s tidy without being uptight, old-school without being a caricature, and long-ish without being unruly.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Do’s and don’ts:
- DO keep it maintained so it keeps that mid-neck length
- DON’T let it become greasy as greasy strands over the forehead are never a good look
- DO experiment with different partings
- DO keep it swept back to create height at the roots
- DON’T “ice the tips” or you’ll be veering dangerously into 90’s territory (the bad 90s, not the good 90s, that is)

The BTS: bowl-cut, choppy, fringe, dyed
The already-legendary K-Pop boy band have undeniably amazing hairstyles. They’re slightly old-school in their look, reminding us of the Beatles in their day. They all have a variation of the bowl cut, with a fringe and shorter sides. Some of the guys have pink, orange or burgundy dye-jobs which is fine if you can pull it off with your overall style. Some are more sleek and straight, while others have a shaggier, tousled look achieved with a product and a good swish of the hand. A great look for young guys with straight, thick hair.

Kathy Hutchins

Do’s and don’ts:
- DO go for a dye-job with rich reds or golden hues if your overall style can support it
- DO keep it clean, shiny and conditioned for that glossy, good-boy look
- DO keep it choppy and slightly rough to avoid it looking too clean-cut
- DO use a texturizing product to keep it cool
- DON’T go for this look if you’re over 30, it’s best for the young kids (sorry to be brutal, guys)

The John Krasinski: clean cut, short-but-wavy, shiny, professional
Our favorite goofy guy (with the coolest wife ever) shows us how to style a classy, clean and professional cut which combines short, wavy and shiny. The sides are short, with longer roots slicked back with a little bit of height and a lot of gloss. A great look for guys with thick, chocolate-dark hair and a preference for tidy-yet-cool cuts.


Do’s and don’ts:
- DO keep it conditioned and soft
- DO use product to keep it in place and add shine
- DON’T go too short or shaved on the sides
- DO sweep it up and back
- DON’T opt for a side part

The Idris Elba: short, faded sides, thicker on top, straight hairline
Idris Elba is the perfect example of a guy who doesn’t need long or thick locks to look incredibly sexy and cool. He has been seen with faded sides and a slightly thicker cut on top to give a deeper shade and a tiny dash of height. Perfect for guys with the bone structure and strong jaw to support a short cut.

Debby Wong/Shutterstock

Do’s and don’ts:
- DO keep it maintained regularly to keep the shape
- DO go for faded sides
- DO go for longer and thicker on top
- DO go for a straight hairline
- DON’T do this cut yourself...go to a trusted barber

The best color choices
: distinguished and sophisticated (see Matt le Blanc for inspo!)
Rich brown: deep, chocolatey and luscious
Caramel blonde: warm, beachy, brightening and youthful
Salt and pepper: sexy, mysterious and distinguished

Guys, for your hair vibes this year, try long, luscious, silky-lock styles if you have thick, wavy natural hair. Or, go for a fashion angle with a BTS shaggy bowl cut and bold dye. For sophisticated dudes, go for a cleaner, more shaped look or a super short cut with faded sides.

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