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Men And Cars: A Love Affair Or An Addiction?


Men love cars.
This is something of a sweeping generalisation, of course — up there with ‘men love football’ and ‘men love beer’ — but, for millions of males across the globe, it’s true. This is something non-aficionados may find hard to understand. After all, the humble automobile, regardless of its form, its brand, its speed, its engine or its speaker system, is designed for one simple purpose: to get you from A to B. That’s it. Any old vehicle rescued from a salvage yard can do the job. And yet some men are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for the chance to own the latest, sleekest, shiniest creations from leading manufacturers. It has little to do with its practicality on an everyday level, and everything to do with ownership and self-image. It’s an extension of themselves, of their character. Of course, men who love cars don’t always go for brand new models. They may splash the cash on decades-old vintage vehicles too, amassing a collection of rare cars with antique charm. For some males, owning one or two cars and driving them for pleasure is more than enough. They’ll care for it, clean it, and keep it in the finest condition for years to come. For others, though, the car as a status symbol and must-have item makes it into an addiction. For example, one man ended up stealing a staggering $320,000 from his boss to finance his habit of buying BMWs — of which, at one time, he had 50. Such extremes are the exception and not the norm, though. That is truly an addiction, clouding his vision until all he could see was the next car to add to his collection.

Motors and the Movies
The way in which cars are represented has to be considered too. Countless films revolve around men and cars, or at least incorporate them at key moments. James Bond, of course, has driven (and destroyed!) dozens of high-end vehicles during his many adventures. It’s so ingrained in pop-culture that anyone who’s ever sat behind the wheel of an Aston Martin must have pretended to be 007 for a moment when no one was watching. And then we have so many others. The Fast and the Furious franchise utilizes all kinds of cars in ever-more-ridiculous ways, putting mouth-watering vehicles front and centre. Gone in Sixty Seconds, The Italian Job, The Transporter and more have all appealed to men with a love of cars too. People love to emulate their favourite characters in different ways, whether that’s Cosplaying as them or even spending nearly £2 million to own their car.  When a car features in a movie, it’s basically a glorified advertisement, just as it is when a character drinks a specific brand of booze or wears a particular watch. The desire to be as cool and suave as James Bond, or as adventurous as Dominic Toretto, may not be the sole reason a man buys a car. But it certainly adds fuel to the fire, even at an  unconscious level.

Car Culture and the Internet
Without doubt, the internet has made it much easier for car-lovers to indulge their passion, accessing material that feeds their interest.
While the Top Gear television programme and magazine may have been an invaluable resource for fans at one time, there’s an overwhelming glut of car-related material available today. Blogs and websites dedicated to cars are in abundance, but vlogging has the edge as it takes fans deeper, showing them how vehicles actually perform in action. Vloggers like Shmee150, MrJWW, Supercars of London and Lord Aleem have all achieved success through their passion. These four have amassed millions of subscribers between them and showcase a plethora of different cars in their videos, from Aston Martins and Porsches to the latest Mercedes models.
Their large audiences enable them to gain access to cutting-edge cars ahead of release, building hype for said vehicles while generating valuable traffic for the vloggers. Unsurprisingly, most of the successful car vloggers are male, and their reaction to mouth-watering new models is akin to little boys with brand new toys. Perhaps that’s key to the connection between men and cars: they’re essentially large, super-expensive toys appealing to males’ inner-child. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The Most Desirable Cars for Men
You only have to look at some of the most amazing cars available right now to see how easily men can fall in love with them. They’re sleek, stylish, shiny, colourful, curvaceous … let’s explore a few great examples:


Ingus Kruklitis/Shutterstock




Max Earey/Shutterstock




Grzegorz Czapski/Shutterstock

As technology keeps on advancing, cars will only keep evolving to be more streamlined, to boast more interactive features, to be even more convenient to drive (self-driving cars, anyone?).
They continue to become enormous gadgets, serving as extensions of the smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more we depend on every single day.

So, let’s not expect men’s love of cars to go anywhere soon, eh?



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