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The Universe Of Margherita

When I was little, I was never a really girly* girl, if you know what I mean. Pink couldn’t have been further away from being my favorite color and I so, so hated being dressed up nicely. Things haven’t changed all that much—I’ll always choose sneakers, jeans and a good (faux or 2nd hand preferably) leather jacket over something fancy, but I do love to add a little hint of something a bit more feminine to my outfit. Sometimes (okay, pretty much all the time) that’s jewelry, sometimes it’s a hat or a scarf, and lately, I’ve been eyeing hair accessories, more specifically Margherita hair accessories.

Great ideas often come from the need or wish for a certain product and not being able to find it anywhere and Margherita is no exception. Maša, one of the co-founders, loved to wear hairpins but was disappointed by what the stores and the world wide web had to offer. There is tons of fun stuff for kids but what about for adults who never want to forget that playful side of them? And so the idea to create Margherita, hair accessories brand, along with her sister Nastja, was born.

Their timeless style mixed with fun, quirky details aims to create the perfect balance between hand-picked items from around the world and an in-house brand Margherita that produces unique pieces using carefully sourced materials.
Their hair clips and hair bands are perfect for all the cat lovers, flower girls, mermaids and pretty much anyone wanting to add a little bit of oomph to their hair. I might have a special crush on the tortoiseshell resin Diana Cuff, named after the legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland, that I might just have to add to my Christmas wish list (I’m looking at you, boyfriend).

Good word gets around fast and if you’re lucky, sometimes even as far as Vogue. Margherita seems to have really caught their eye as the brand has been featured in their These Pieces Will Take All The Stress Out Of Dressing For Your First Job article as well as was put in the spotlight in Vogue’s 10 Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week. They even got a mention in Miss Vogue and Vogue Ukraine so who knows what’s next but I doubt nothing short of exciting.

And what does the future hold for this lovely and fresh brand? Well, they’re already thinking of expanding their collection as well as offering some other accessories so don’t forget to follow their Instagram account to be the first to know of any new quirkiness added to their online store.

* Now, this is an old stereotype that should have been buried a long, long time ago along with those 80s mullet hairstyles from the 80s. It’s about time we drop the “girly” and “boyish” adjectives and realise that everyone can wear whatever the hell they want and in whichever color they want it.



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