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Janja Videc: the Brand, the Witch and the Archetypes

Janja Videc
Jure Makovec

I want to know where my clothes have been made, from which material, the story behind it and who the main (wo)man behind it is. And since it's not often that a brand would tick all of these boxes as well as pleasing me visually, I find it hard to buy new clothes so I usually revert to buying second hand and at least avoid fast fashion and rehome pre-loved goods instead.

But, once in a while, I find a brand where the only reasonable comment is that GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio spending money in the movie Wolf of Wallstreet. Oh how Millenial-like, I know but bear with me, this brand is so, so far from just being trendy and something we'll drool over this season and forget about it the next. It's chic, it's feminine and it comes in a color palette that will work today, next month and in 2027. And it certainly helps what the woman behind it is a kickass lady witch---and that is to be taken as huge a compliment, in case you were wondering---with her values and her heart in the right place. 
The brand and the designer I'm raving about is Janja Videc. She doesn't care about the seasons or trends as her pieces are timeless and each individual can integrate them into their wardrobe regardless of their age or style. In fact, the whole brand is based on individuality and a world in which every individual is free to live and create his own reality. But not only are Janja Videc's designs gorgeous, they are also socially responsible, local and sustainable, and their designs based on monochromatic color scale, natural fabrics and minimal aesthetics.

Nike Koleznik

Now that I think back, I'm not sure if this is how I found Janja's designs (or did they find me?) but I clearly remember stepping into Zoofa---a designer store in the middle of Ljubljana that holds creations from multiple Slovenian fashion designers---that first time a few years ago and seeing a rack of clothing that clearly stood out. The materials and the colors encapsulated me, not to mention the designs themselves. I'm pretty sure my first Janja Videc purchase was her t-shirt in collab with @klemen_podežju that says »We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren't able to burn.« There is a strong archetypal story derived from observing the contemporary society, spirituality, and art, behind every collection that Janja births. They are based on a subtle, minimalistic esthetic and the exploration of societal archetypes of women and this t-shirt was not any different. Needless to say, I was hooked and in love.

Anže Frantar

It's such an experience seeing and following a certain designer's work through the years and seeing their journey expressed through patterns, materials, as well as storytelling. I didn't attend last year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana but it's all for the best as I'm pretty sure I probably wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut and not literally drool when seeing Janja's latest collection, Pegan and Proud, that was being presented for the first time. In the collection, she mainly used flax, cotton, and viscose---all natural and vegan materials, which were produced in Europe---focusing on flowy, semi-see-through materials, emphasizing woman's form as well as strength and glory while tackling the question of authenticity---in herself and in the world. How I got all of that from a piece of clothing? Just you check out the collection and you'll be mesmerized too. 

Peter Giodani

Janja is currently in the middle of madness called »creating a new collection« and I couldn't be more excited to see what magic, quite literally, she's working on now. I guess we'll just have to wait for Ljubljana Fashion Week in April for it to be revealed or, you know, check Janja's Instagram stories compulsively in hopes of any clues and previews of the newest collection. Either way, I don't doubt it will leave us dumbfounded once again.


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