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Falling in love with Selma Blair...all over again

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If you grew up in the 90s and early 2000s (and religiously went to the movies to see every new romcom released), I can bet you were a big fan of actress Selma Blair. She starred in fan favourite movies ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Cruel Intentions’ and ‘The Sweetest Thing’ (three absolute classics). Since then, she’s been working steadily in both TV and film, with roles in ‘Kath and Kim’, ‘Anger Management’ and the very recent ‘Another Life’. 

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Selma’s always had a certain edge, with her striking eyes and talent for playing a range of characters from prissy to tough to sweet. Selma’s always been on the radar, but she’s truly back now...and in an unexpected and somewhat confronting way. Selma’s life has taken a turn which she has recently shared with the world. Her bravery has inspired people the globe over to stand strong against illness and be brave in times of adversity...

Selma’s MS diagnosis 

Selma Blair has been diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). This came as a shock to the pop culture-following public as we don’t often imagine our celebrity heroes as being sick or even vulnerable to such destructive illnesses. It’s confronting to see an actress in a vulnerable state, with a body which is struggling under the hand of a serious condition. However, Selma is not broken nor beaten, she is strong, brave and beautiful as ever. She’s smiling, sharing, striving and being unabashedly honest in her quest to bring awareness to MS which is not often spoken about in the public or pop culture arenas. 

In her first interview speaking about her MS journey, Selma addressed the issues she is experiencing with her speech. She asked the interviewer to speak to her in a year, saying

“if I’m better...and if I’m not? If I can still have a conversation...that’s good enough”.

I mean, how incredible is that? We could all learn from her positivity and strength when life gets unimaginably tough. 

Selma’s own experience has inspired her to want to create clothing which is accessible and easy for disabled people to dress in and feel comfortable in. She understands first hand how frustrating and time-consuming dressing can be when the body is struggling with everyday movements and functions. Selma is helping us all to appreciate the little things, our health and to remember that there are people who struggle daily while still maintaining a fulfilling and positive life. 

What is MS?

Multiple Sclerosis is an illness which affects the central nervous system. MS is when the immune system causes inflammation in the central nervous system. This inflammation attacks myelin which surrounds the nerves. When the myelin is damaged, the signals which are sent from the nervous system are disrupted, causing all kinds of neurological issues. The cause of MS is not truly known, which makes it difficult to determine who is most at risk. The symptoms to look out for are fatigue, numbness in the arms and legs, dizziness, pain and vision issues. 

MS generally comes and goes, with symptoms disappearing for periods of time before flaring up again. Having MS doesn’t mean your life expectancy shortens or that you will die “from MS”, but there are complications relating to MS which can cause serious illness later in life. There is no cure for MS but the symptoms can be managed. 

Selma’s incredible Oscars appearance and her fashion-focused mission 

The Oscars are a night of glamorous gowns, whitened smiles and lots of gushing over each other’s stellar acting performances. But Selma made the night more than this, purely by showing up and showing her radiant beauty to the world, complete with a black leather cane to support her impaired movement. 


Selma Blair is far more than an MS sufferer. She’s an actress, a dedicated Mom, a true beauty and a an all-around inspiring woman with a hard journey which she’s traveling with grace, positivity and honesty. 

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