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How to Hack Your Brain to Be More Positive This 2019

Stay Positive
Joanna Nix /

Negative thoughts don't knock on the door. They don't call when they're coming. Often, they arrive without a warning, in an unfortunate time when you least expect – or need them. It's as swift as immediately shifting that lingering swoon in your chest after watching a Netflix romance (which ended on a high note). Then, here you are, dumping your fingers in your popcorn bowl, slouched in your couch thinking, “I'm going to be forever alone.”  It could be as seething as watching a colleague get promoted while you stare at your desk after working in the same position for five years. Your hopes of climbing that success ladder fades to black.

People will always tell us to “think positive,” but how exactly do we do that? Is it as easy turning the lights in the room or changing lanes on a highway?

Do we need to read a manual, get a system upgrade or request a heart transplant – one that beats more optimistically?

Experts say that thinking positive is a talent, but it’s one that can be learned and imbued in your own core that you become a better, stronger version of you. Transform the way you think by using these positivity hacks.

Reach out to inspirational people

Feeling stuck and disheartened? A word of affirmation can instantly lift your spirit. When you stop believing yourself, someone out there will. Get out of your bubble and reach out to a loved one. Let them comfort you. If you want to renew your thoughts, listen to inspirational podcasts, attend conferences or watch TEDxTalks. Keeping your solitude only increases those negative thoughts; kick them to the shin by staying inspired.

Learn new things

Your brain is created to absorb the beautiful, brilliant information around you. And yes, you have the right to bypass those gunky thoughts away. Simple things like crafting or gardening can refresh your mind. How about pursuing a new passion, like playing the violin or enrolling in a new course? Learning new things increases your confidence, makes you feel more validated, and keeps your mind from wandering into the dark side.

Say yes to mistakes

We’re scared to make mistakes, but mistakes are part of your growth. That’s when you learn. Instead of cringing in embarrassment, why not give out a good laugh and promise to make up for it? Accepting yourself means accepting your flaws. It’s alright – your flaws make you you.

And to risks!

The feel of a new thrill. It’s intimidating at first, but overcoming these challenges completely empowers you. Explore new roads. Climb a mountain. Make that investment. Do the things that scare you. You might fail, but you will surprise yourself; surviving these situations will make you realize an inner strength that has always been there, waiting to be discovered.

Cut off negative influences from your life

If these bad thoughts branch out from the hurtful people around you, here’s the signal: you don’t need them. There’s no need to drag heavy fetters as you go on in your life’s journey. Get your headspace back, make new friends, and let the ones that really matter stay.

Here’s the fact: negative thoughts will come, but they don’t have to stick around for so long. Drive them out with these tips, and live more optimistically just the way you should.

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