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Primpy's guide: How to Buy the Perfect Jeans


Ah, denim. Man (and woman)-kind's closet staple that can be worn all throughout the year and never goes out of style. From the funky overalls, we've worn as kids, to the ravishing skinnies we see stars don, this pair of pants are a part of our many style transformations. No one is a stranger to a nice pair of jeans, but finding the perfect one? A complete struggle.

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You're not alone. A lot of my friends complain about the complexities of finding the right pair. It could take an eternity to find the perfect fit, after all, there's just so many styles to choose from. You say it: mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, loose, straight, skinny, slim, cigarette, ankle, high, low-rise, boot-cut, flared, mid-rise, high-waist...

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That's not all. You think you've gotten the most-absolutely perfect fit, and then you wake up a few inches larger, and it becomes a tad too small. Either you've eaten too much dessert, or you've undergone physical changes - like having a baby. Getting back into those slim fits seem like impossible, and you throw away a good pair as well as the memory of you fitting in it. 

Skinny people, I hear you. People would say, “It's easier for you, everything would fit.” Nah-uh! The struggle is the same. Jeans would appear too slouchy, too fitted, too tight, and too low. To be honest, it took me a lot of picking, wardrobe visits, heading back to the hanger to find THE perfect pair. 

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Whatever your body type – and body shape, it is important to take time to shop around, and follow this all-essential guide in buying the perfect jeans. 

Know your body. The size of your waist, hips and thighs matters on slipping into those perfect denims, and to do that, you need to be honest with yourself. Measure those parts so you don’t need to be broken-hearted by trying to cram your legs into a smaller size. One thing to remember: the stretch. This allows ease and gets through the day without feeling all constricted. Non-stretch, on the other hand, needs to fit you like a glove. Buy these pants to size and never smaller.

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Know particular jeans shape and how they’d fit on certain body types. Jeans style are not made for, well, just style. Each model suits a particular body type. Instead of going with the trends, how about searching for a pair of jeans that will flatter your form? Don't be afraid to experiment. Pick out a classic, like relaxed boyfriend jeans or a cropped pair, and put the spotlight on your best parts. One tip: know your waist placement; high-rise jeans are perfect for most body types but not with short torsos. On the other hand, if you’re picking a low-waist model, you need to be conscious of flashing when you bend. 

Don’t rush. So, you managed to close the zipper and snap the button. Cool. But do you look good in those straight, non-shaped cigarette jeans? Do they help you emphasize those body parts you’re most proud of? If the answer is no, but those jeans back and try something else. Take your time. 

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Last tip: Pick ones with stronger, heavy-weight denim. You’ll be wearing this for years and you want something that can withstand a lot of wearing, tearing and washing. The nice part? over time, the fabric ages into the lovely faded texture no artificial process could replicate.  

Finding the perfect jeans may be hard, but not impossible. Whether you’re a lover of classic or searching for something new, trial-and-error is your best go-to. 

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