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A Guide to Being Your Most Productive Self During the Day

Take your productivity up a notch
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At eight o'clock, you strut down the street with a coffee in hand, eyes a bit drowsy after hitting the sack late, but you make it to your office in whole. A meeting at ten, where you hardly took on notes while playing on your phone, then you take a break, chomping on a bagel as you try to accommodate the fifty-something emails arriving at your inbox. You get your late lunch as you had to finish a report; by 2 o'clock, your head feels foggy and you're convinced your body needs a lengthy shut-eye.

If this scenario rings a daily bell to you, then it's time to change. You are not using your full potential at work; getting regularly distracted by technology won't help. This season, stay on top of the game by taking your productivity up a notch.

By taking unnecessary items off your regular routines, you're bound to be efficient, and very much impressive, at your workplace.

Can't focus? Make sure you had a good sleep. Yes, the reason why your brain seems hazy during that all-important conference was that you didn't get enough Zzzz. You'll have afternoon dips at 1 to 2 p.m., that's a great time to get a 15-minute shut-eye. However, it's most recommended to hit the bed early and get 7 hours of adult-required slumber. You'd wake up brighter and less stressed.

Feeling worn out? Be active. It's sitting behind that chair that's making you tired. When taking a break, take a quick walk outside or jog up (and down) the stairs. When you have time, go to the gym. Exercising is proven to increase your daily productivity and even enhances your mood.

Distracted? Ditch Facebook. Your BFF's regular meme posts don't deserve as much attention as that chart your senior asked you to do ASAP. And Twitter could be ignored through the day since the instant news (and gossips) kills your focus. Let's not talk about Instagram; if skimming through the galleries is a part of your morning-evening routine, your 9-5 hours at work don't have to be a part of it.

Overwhelmed? Finish work in little increments. If the number of tasks seemed burdensome for you, you can schedule it according to difficulty. Start with the complex tasks first thing in the morning, then work your way to the lighter load. That way, at the end of the day, there’s less stress! If a difficult task goes through the pipeline late in the hours and you have to go home, discipline yourself to wake up early tomorrow instead of doing an all-nighter.

Forgot a task? Learn to be accountable. Write your assignments on Post-Its and place it on your desk where you could see it. Schedule a deadline. If you can, ask a colleague to remind you about it. Being accountable helps you structure your day in the direction of hitting goals and being productive – and not missing key tasks.

Drained? Find your centre. Meditation helps you ward off those negative thoughts (stress, specifically) while you work. Take breathing exercises, even in your chair, and get your headspace back. If allowed, you can find another spot to work, or head to your favourite café and regain your focus. Put your headphones on, enjoy relaxing music, and finish that task without losing your cool.

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