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Glitter Overdose – It’s holiday season, it’s allowed on makeup, on clothes, even on food

Zamurovic Photography

Glitter has been all the hype lately. Everywhere you look it shines bright like a diamond (yes, that was a Rihanna reference). From glitter roots, tongues and beards, to glitter-embellished stretch marks and even glitter vaginas, glitter was the biggest Spring Summer trend of 2018. Apparently, no fashion show or an Instagram account is complete without a little sparkle.

And that’s just when it comes to makeup/body adornments! Let’s not forget about a whole range of sequins as apparently searches for sequins increased by 42% in the second half of 2017. By the looks of it, 80s and disco are far from dead and I couldn’t be happier. 

One of the main reasons I love December, besides mulled wine, it’s the “of course it’s okay if you wear multiple glittery items of clothing” vibe of the season. To be honest, I’m more of a “It’s glitter season all day everyday” kind of gal, but the holiday season is definitely one of the times when I don’t get those weird looks by being adorned in glitter and sequins from head to toe.


And then there’s the makeup. Although I don’t normally wear much makeup and pretty much swear by the no makeup look, I do have to say I’ve been swooning over some holiday makeup ideas that this year, obviously, include glitter. From tiny shimmering details to a huge swipe of silver eyeshadow from lashline to brow, shimmering makeup dominated the runways in 2018 and it doesn’t look like the trend is over just yet. Although I love it all, I’m quite sure I won’t stray far away from just a tad-bit-unusual golden eyeliner cat eye look but a woman can dream.


And the glitter party doesn’t end there. Let’s not forget about edible glitter that can embellish our deserts and Christmas dinners. I mean, talk about pooping rainbows. 
That reminds me of a Christmas spent in Morocco when my friend and I bought some “edible” glitter at the local market, the edibility of which was seriously questioned after some of us had mild belly issues after our turquoise Christmas glitter pie. Nonetheless, the pie looked gorgeous!

Evgeniya Porechenskaya/Shutterstock

And while glitter does seem like a sparkly idea, pun intended, scientists say that maybe it’s not all fun and games but it might be an environmental issue as well. Apparently, most glitters are plastic or aluminium based and do not break down in the environment having an adverse effect on marine wildlife. While I do agree that we definitely need to be eco-conscious and biodegradable glitter is a thing, I also think we should start doing that by reducing our single-use plastic waste before we blame glitter and the 80s for all those whales washing up ashore with stomachs full of plastic. It most likely has nothing to do with our holiday makeup but with the inability to bring our own reusable tote bags to the store and buying oranges packed in plastic because nature didn’t gift them with something that would protect them from the environment. Oh, wait, it did. 

Either way, maybe this year is your chance to go all out with the glitter. Come to the party wearing your favourite sparkly dress with shimmery cake in your hands and full-on glitter on your eyelids. But maybe this year be mindful of your choices. If that means using an environmentally friendlier version of makeup glitter or going on a sequin hunt to one of the 2nd hand stores instead of a fast fashion one, well, it’s up to you. But whatever you decide to do, don’t forget the thing that will make you shine the most is your personality, although a dash of glitter never hurts! 

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