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Why You Should Copy Bob Dylan!


Bob Dylan is well known as a musical act, and he made is a major trademark over his reign time was his fashion style, making a lot of people nickname him a style god.  Apart from the many records he released and Grammys (10) that he won, he was also a Nobel prize winner, and his legacy hinges on all of these achievements.

But in this article, we are strictly concerned about his fashion legacy, and the impacts that his style created in the fashion scene of the sixties, and as retro fashion in our world today. just has his voice as Impacted the American music scene, a lot of people have also taken his fashion sense alongside, imitating all of his styles. Although Bob Dylan was no fashion designer or brand promoter of any kind, he still manages to stun in all of his appearances, leaving a lot of people impressed.

Some of the styles that Bob Dylan donned and went on to become people’s favorite till day include the following:

Dylan’s Work Wear Style
For corporate workers, there are various styles that can be imitated from the fashion style that Bob has worn. As a matter of fact, even in today’s fashion style, these styles wouldn’t even stand out as retro. They just look as recent as any other modern fashion style. Bob donned an everyman denim look from time to time, with a chambray shirt and a navy blue pant to go. You are sure to look perfect for a random workday, especially if the clothes are well tailored.  If you have been dressing like this for a while now, without prior knowledge of the man Bob Dylan, it should be quite intriguing to realize that you have imitated one of Bob's style subconsciously, and this is how much impact he has made in the fashion world.

The style first came into emergence in the early sixties after bob release ‘the freewheelin’. A lot of people went on to catch his fashion sense Immediately, and even in concert, a lot of his fans showed up in a similar style. The style is a tan suede jacket which he used as the cover of this album, one of the ones that launched him into worldwide stardom. A lot of people tagged it the tambourine man, and it looked really cool.

Bob Dylan Instagram/Instagram

Polka Dots Tops
This is stunning in polka dot, and it really looked good on Bob. What is really surprising about this is that not many men then could stand the wearing polka dots wears. A lot of people claimed that it was more feminine like, but Bob proved them wrong and occasionally donned in this style. So if today you see guys copying this as a retro style, you will know that it was one of the numerous fashion styles of Bob Dylan, the fashion God.

The Wandering Bohemian
Bob was such an interesting figure, and the bohemian was really an eye-catching style, even more, hilarious that the polka dot. He donned this by wearing vests on stripped sweater clothes. He also rocked this with hats that had garden flowers attached to it, with scarves of various design patterns. A lot of people termed this as a clown look, and it can still be rocked for this purpose in the 21st century today.

Getty Images

Bobs Sunglasses
Bob rocked sunglasses that are different from the ones that we see in today’s fashion scene, and as a matter of fact, they still looked exquisite and adorable. The sunglasses were modeled according to tall fins shades, and a lot of celebrities made use of it afterward.

Bob Dylan Instagram/Instagram

● The Shady Look
In this, Bob has a striped shirt on and wore a suit jacket over it. Most of the times he looked like this, he also had his glasses on, and it fits quite perfectly. it was termed the shady look by people looking to imitate it, and even in today’s fashion world, a lot of people still dress like this.

 ● Turtle Neck Wear
Bob wore turtleneck tops a lot, sometimes alone and other times underneath a jacket. It is now a style very common in the 21st century, and you can say all thanks to Bob because he was one of the first to initiate this in the early sixties.


 Some other styles include
The thin suit and pointy boot, cowboy hats and wild west garb, oversize top, and sneakers amidst many other.

Hlemeida Ivan/Shutterstock

Why a man should dress like Bob Dylan
Apart from the fact that Bob was very fashion conscious, some of his fashion styles were equally comfortable. Naturally, most men like comfortable wears, and imitating some of Bob's style will make them have this feeling. Apart from this, there are various styles from Bob that can be used by men in all walk of lives. Some of the fashion clothes like the workwear style can be used in the corporate world. Even to date, a lot of male musicians model their styles strictly after Bob Dylan, and this includes imitating his fashion sense amidst many other things. This has given them more fame in the music industry.

What was and still is a trend?
Retro fashions depict fashion models and styles of time past that has found its way into the present fashion trend of today. Fashion, as we all know, is a state of mind and expression of feeling and this makes is very spontaneous and unique. This is also the major idea behind people using fashions and models from times past for present fashion styles. Due to this a lot of Bob Dylan fashion is being on day to day basis, as vintage wears. In reality, the fashion world is very unpredictable and nobody really knows what will become a famous trend tomorrow. But for the past few years now, people are beginning to like the idea of retro fashion, and this will still make fashions like that of Bob still trend.

As can be seen, Bob always managed to dress with so much confidence and did not care much what a lot of people thought about his styles. He made him stand out as a great stylist as well as one of the world’s greatest music star we have had.

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