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Colourful Tailoring Is The Thing


Tailored blazers are an amazing way to instantly look fresh and attractive, especially if you’re aiming for a professional and put-together look. Even if your goal is to just spice up an otherwise drab outfit.

Here are 13 of our favorite pairs of colorful tailored blazers and trousers, from the most budget-savvy to the more pricey designer get-ups. Take note that typical plain black and gray blazers are out this 2019, so we’re all for colorful styles in this list.

1. Fuschia Pink ($110)
Fuschia is such a strong color, making it perfect for women who love showing off their bold femininity and strength. If you’ve got a pair of fuschia pink tailored blazer and trousers, you can use it for both formal events and business meetings at your company. For best results, match your blazer with a white or gray top underneath.

Get the look with this blazer with pockets ($69.90) and cigarette pants ($39.90) from Zara.


2. Orange Suit ($350)
Even we have to admit that orange is one of the hardest colors to wear out there. Monochromatic orange can look quite blinding, overpowering the rest of your attire. Feeling a bit doubtful of your orange-matching skills? Use a splash of green or blue in your ensemble! Black looks pretty good too if you want to break up the orange monotony. Whatever you do, just don’t wear orange to a job interview and you’ll be fine.

Get the look with this orange suit ($350) from Mateyaneira.


3. Animal Print ($532)
Just like orange, animal print is not something that anyone can just pull off, so don’t worry if you find it a little bit intimidating at first. If you’re interested in donning this bold look but are too scared to look ‘over-the-top’, start with smaller items first like bags or accessories and work your way up until you can finally wear blazers and trousers comfortably. Of course, remember not to go overboard on the animal print!

Get the look with this leopard print cotton blend velvet blazer ($297.50) from Frame and cotton blend flare pants ($235) from Theory.

Frame, Theory/Net-a-porter

4. Baby Blue ($983)
Blue is another one of those colors that are common for business attires, but boring blue has no place in this vibrant, technicolor year. Instead of the usual dark and brooding navy blue, aim for something of a different shade, like baby blue, for instance. It’s easy on the eyes and can make you look so much brighter, regardless of your other accessories. You can even match this outfit with your regular pair of office pumps or casual flats, depending on the situation.

Get the look with this single-breasted blazer ($618) and straight tailored trousers ($365) from Theory.


5. Sunny Yellow ($994)
What could be more vibrant than a yellow blazer and trousers? Hint: not a lot. If your goal is to be noticed upon walking into the room, you’ll definitely enjoy the attention you’ll get from this combination. Be it in business events or formal dinners with your family, you can look extra sunny with an all yellow blazer and trousers combination!

Get the look with this classic belted blazer ($666) and slim tailored trousers ($328) from Paule Ka.

Paule Ka/Farfetch

6. Classic Twist ($1,017)
We already know that black is the classic color of suits and business attires, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. If you want to stand out from the rest, try experimenting with different styles and cuts. For example, you can opt for blazers with designs, or trousers that are cropped instead of straight-cut at the bottom. You can even pair up your outfit with graphic tees and rubber sneakers, if you’re going for semi-casual or business casual.

Get the look with this double breasted blazer ($678) and cropped tailored trousers ($339) from Acne Studios.

Acne Studio/Farfetch

7. Green Corduroy ($1,127)
Corduroy was one of the key fashion trends last year, but you can still wear them this 2019 if you want. Thanks to their ridges (officially called ‘wales’) corduroy looks best in earthy tones like green or brown. They’re also perfect if you’re going for a semi-casual or business casual look. If your work permits this kind of attire and you want to try green suits, you might want to try green corduroy blazers and trousers.

Get the look with this corduroy blazer ($775) and corduroy trousers ($352) from Golden Goose Deluxe Brand.

Golden Goose Deluxe/Farfetch

8. Menswear-Inspired Checks ($1,199)
In many respects, menswear-inspired women’s fashion is pretty much akin to streetwear-inspired fashion, which is all the rage these days. So while plain gray is out, gray checks are definitely in. They’re totally ideal if you’re going for an everyday office look that is not too outstanding, yet does not fall back into the shadows either.

Get the look with this textured check jacket ($893) and slim fit trousers ($306) from Joseph.


9. Checkered pink ($1,616)
Speaking of checks and women’s fashion, what’s not to love with checkered pink outfits? Not only do they combine the chic factor of pink and the conservative professionalism of the check pattern, they also scream, “I’m fashion-forward” to anyone in your general area. They’re not terribly hard to pull off, but you may feel a bit shy to wear them to more formal dinner nights with your bosses if you’re not used to them. And to that we say: go girl power!

Get the look with this double breasted blazer ($1033) and pleated wide leg trousers ($583) from Petar Petrov.

Petar Petrov/Net-a-porter

10. Cropped Tops ($1,800)
This is more of a bonus than anything, really, but if you’re looking for something fun that can still pass as semi-casual (but perhaps with a longer, thicker undershirt), then you might want to give this combination a try. Depending on the shirt you wear inside, you might be better off just using it when you’re out with your beau, your friends, or your family though, as it may be a bit too revealing for your everyday job.

Get the look with this box blazer ($925) and flare crop pants ($875) from Orseund Iris.

Orseund Iris

11. Large Print ($2,214)
On the other hand, if you’re specifically looking for a bold print, then nothing’s probably more head-turning than a large printed blazer. It doesn’t matter if it has flamingos, oceans, or hamburgers on it – if it has a large graphic print on it, then you’re all good. Make sure to pair your blazer with much simpler trousers though, as clashing prints would be just silly.

Get the look with this sunrise print jacket ($1583) and tailored trousers ($631) from Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney/Farfetch

12. Rich Red ( $3,680)
Red is one of the most attractive colors out there, and it doesn’t even have to be bold to be, well, bold. As a color choice in fashion, red exudes power, passion, and desire, so don’t be scared to go fierce if you’re planning to don red. Pair your blazer and trousers with black pumps and bold red lipstick for the ultimate powerful look at work. No holding back – that’s literally what red is for.

Get the look with this grosgrain-trimmed cady blazer ($2,700) and grosgrain-trimmed bootcut pants ($980) from Gucci.


13. Pastel Pink ($3,970)
Last but definitely not the least is pastel pink, the color of gentleness and grace. Pastel pink doesn’t mean you have to be all sugar, spice, and everything nice though. It just means that you’re actually brave enough to wear one of the softest yet most lovable colors out there, especially if you want to wear it to a business event.

Get the look with this wool-cut blazer ($2785) and wool-blend bootcut pants ($1185) from Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen/Net-a-porter


Enjoyed our list? Now you’re ready for a more colorful, more vibrant, more fashionable 2019!

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