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The Boyfriend is an Obstacle Not the Wall

Jon Tyson

As a guy, falling in love with a girl that has a boyfriend shouldn’t be an issue. A lot of these girls are just in a relationship for the sake of being in one, not all of them are emotionally attached to their boyfriend. I personally believe that as long as a girl gives a new guy any form of attention, then she likes something about him. As the guy, if you like her too, the better for both of you. Her boyfriend might just make things a little bit difficult, there is really nothing he can do about it.


You should do everything within your reach to get the girl you like, especially if she is giving you the green light. Do not care about her boyfriend or whoever, for heaven’s sake you don’t even know him! By the way, the girl should be able to make her own decision, and if she is comfortable about the whole situation, you are just a lucky chap. Now you have to prove to her that you are the right guy for her over her boyfriend, and you should do this in every way possible. Like they do say, all is fair in love and war, so anything you do to get the girl after your heart is justified. 

I’m speaking personally for myself here, as I would not hold back on a girl I care about due to the fact that she’s got some guy with a boyfriend tag. I’m not even sure she cares about him! However, to be a little bit humane, putting myself into the boyfriend’s shoe, I wouldn’t want a girlfriend that gives undue attention to other guys. That is my own book means flirting, and I don’t like my girlfriend being a flirt. I believe a girl that cares about her boyfriend will steer clear of other guys. Listen I have some sweet attributes and I’m a handsome looking guy, ladies love hanging around me. But I’m not the only handsome guy around. So for her to have given me undue attention, it means I get to move it on, regardless of her boyfriend.

So here is what I’m going to do. So long we are in contact frequently that is my opening and assurance that she isn’t head over heels with the so-called boyfriend. I will make sure I initiate a lot of hangouts and get to know everything possible about her including the little details. Girls really love when guys give them undue attention and that is what I’m going to do, not even my mobile phone will cause any level of distraction whenever we are together. Through this and our discussions, it will be possible to have a sense of her relationship with her boyfriend. Most times, it really is nothing, the girl could just be tired of the relationship especially if it’s been going on for a long while. However, I wouldn’t push it or force it out. I wouldn’t make her tell me about her relationship if she isn’t talking about it. I realized a long time ago that people talk about what matters to them whenever they get the chance to do so. So the hint is that if she isn’t talking about him, he simply does not matter to her, and I don’t have to be worried too.

It’s really important that the lady likes me from the onset because that really matters to me. As a matter of fact, I won’t bat an eyelid about a girl that doesn’t like me or doesn’t give me any form of attention. Also, the type of ‘like’ I am talking about isn’t liking me as a friend or a confidant. No! there are actual signs to know if a girl really likes you as ‘more than a friend’, something quite intimate. Signs like when she wants to talk to me every time, the way her face lights up whenever she sees me, when she tells me a lot of personal stuff that girls would ordinarily not tell ‘mere guy friends’, she makes me happy with her words, she compliments or tries to be goofy with me in a special way. I mean how can I be worried about her having a boyfriend when she is this comfortable with me. I’m definitely not a loser, and as long as I’m concerned we are happy together and that is all that matters.

One of the things that you must ascertain why trying to get the girl you like is making sure you treat her with the utmost respect, and that is what I’m going to do. With this, she will realize I’m taking her seriously. This is where most boyfriends lose the plot. After getting a girl they begin to be less serious about her and this is the first dent in the relationship. I will give her words of assurance from time to time, I will be caring and kind to her, and what else does a girl need to forget about a boyfriend and start falling in love with me?

Also, I have to put her in a position where she has to face the decision of being with me or going back to her boyfriend. I have to play it cool and makes sure she wants and crave for me. Obviously, I will give her all the hints in the world to suggest that I love her, and I will let her decide if she wants me or not. It is more like waiting for her to take a bait. From time to time, I will let her be the first to call or drop a message on my phone before reaching out to her. Little things like this prove that I’m winning her over already.

I will spend more time with her, partake in her hobbies, compliment her every now and then, make her feel very special, and yeah I will cook for her even after letting her know that I’m a bad cook and I don’t enjoy doing it. By now, she would be head over heel in love with me already, and that Is the right time to make my move. She inevitably says yes and it is what it is. The (ex)boyfriend is an obstacle but not the wall!!

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