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The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Baranov E

Valentine’s Day does not have to be purely for those in relationships. Val Day can celebrate the love we have for ourselves as amazing individuals too! Or, it could be a day to celebrate your beautiful friendships. Either way, take Valentine’s Day as a great opportunity to treat yourself or a loved one to a gorgeous gift. Everyone loves to receive something special, so seize the day and get shopping! I’ve already bought myself 2 pairs of shoes and some new skincare in the name of Valentine’s Day...and I’m standing firmly behind that choice. 

Without further’s my Valentine’s Day gift guide for yourself, for friends or for a romantic loved one...

● Anything from By Kilian 
Valentine’s Day is the holiday of fragrance. Sexy, sweet, spicy, feminine or manly scents invite luxury and sensory pleasure, and By Kilian is the brand to turn to. Find your lover the perfect bottle of fragrance or go for a scented lipstick, necklace or candle to get the mood just right. 

● A trio of treats from Poplar 
A little package of individual treats is always exciting to unwrap and explore. We love this trio from Poplar, complete with CBD chocolates, CBD massage oil and a massage salt stone in the shape of a heart. 

● A luxury card holder in Valentine’s red 
If your lover has high taste and a penchant for fine leather goods...go for this Prada card holder in sexy red leather with gold branding. A gift to last forever...they’ll think of you with every swipe of their credit card. 


● A pair of heart earrings with a twist 
These handmade earrings are romantic without being sickly. They’re heart-shaped without being gimmicky. They have an old-fashioned charm to them with a touch of contemporary edge. Perfect for a friend, a lover, yourself...

● A pretty duo of heart-shaped makeup in sweet, pinky tones. A blush and a lippie from cute brand Kaja. 
No makeup addict would turn their nose up at a gift of cute cosmetics, especially high-quality ones like these from Kaja. I mean, just look at that heart-shaped blush stamp and heart-shaped lippie! Incredible colors and exquisite formulas, this would make the sweetest duo for a beauty-loving friend. 

● A set of nourishing lip masks for the sexiest, softest lips. 
Get your lover’s lips ready with these collagen lip masks with vitamin E and rose flower oil. Give the gift of plump, soft, hydrated lips and a cute zippered pouch too. You could add these to a gift basket full of Valentine’s treats! 

● A card with a simple design and a loving message to fill with your sweet nothings 
You need a card to go with your romantic gift, so choose this one with a cute message and blank inside so you can pour your heart out in writing. 

● A super luxe, gentle and silky intimate gel for your Valentine’s night fun...
I wouldn’t recommend this one for a friend...unless it’s a super special friend. A lubricant with gentle ingredients and made with supreme comfort in mind. 

● A trio of grooming products for the man in your life.
You’ll love how he smells with these fresh, sexy smells and natural ingredients. 
Get your guy the gift of nourished skin and hair with this trio from Aesop, made with delicious ingredients and scents for the masculine kind. 


● A leather-bound compact camera with modern technology and an old-school aesthetic. 
Capture the memories of your love by giving your guy or gal this insanely awesome leather-bound camera. This is the perfect gift if you’re celebrating a milestone Valentine’s Day and you want to show them just how much you adore them. 


● Keep your man’s hands warm with these soft leather gloves made to be compatible with touchscreens (so he can text you even with his gloves on). 
Wrap your guy’s hands in soft leather and give him the hottest mits in town with these chic gloves. The best part is that they’re designed to be compatible with smartphone screens, so he can send you sweet messages without taking his gloves off. 

● Treat your special someone to vinyl from Discogs.
Pick their favorite bands or find them something new and inspiring to listen to. 
Vinyl is the perfect present for any music lover. Just make sure they have a record player so they can actually listen to it...

● Cook a dinner
You don’t necessarily have to give a wrapped gift, you could cook your lover a decadent dinner complete with wine and dessert. Sometimes the gift of sitting back while someone takes care of everything is the best kind of gift. Light some candles, put some music on, set out a platter of delicious starters and just enjoy your time together. 

Egor Fomin/ Shutterstock

● Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best. Give your guy the gift of soft underwear with some fresh new Calvins
A 3-pack of cotton boxers from Calvin Klein. Classic, practical and subtly sexy. (Perfect for long-term relationships when you actually can’t stand seeing his old, worn-out boxers anymore). 

● Give him socks but make them exquisite, like these bold red Balenciaga socks. 
 For guys who curate their fashion from head to toe, a pair or extremely luxurious, high-end socks will surely make him blush. These red Balenciaga socks are worthy of only the best leather shoes and a guy who appreciates high fashion. 



This Valentine’s Day choose a gift which will delight, thrill or pamper your partner, friend or yourself. Go for luxurious gifts they wouldn’t otherwise buy themselves and make them feel truly special and cared for. If you can’t find the perfect gift, treat them to your skills in the kitchen with a home cooked dinner followed by...whatever you like (insert wink emoji!).

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