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What We Learned in Bella Hadid’s 73 Questions

Andrea Raffin

Once again, the incredibly stylish snoops at Vogue trailed after a fashionable celebrity for their newest dose of 73 Questions. This time, it's Bella Hadid - runway princess and a top-class equestrian.  It's no wonder that they found her – where else – in a stable! The gorgeous brunette shares snippets about her life in a quick (and sometimes random) inquiry and she did not hold back. Here are some of the few things we discovered about her:

She has been an equestrian for 10 years and has joined hundreds of competitions. Hundreds. That’s probably as many – or more – than her runway shows! She fell in love with the sport when she realized horses could be her best friends. Probably that’s because, at times, humans can be judgmental, puts up an attitude, and can’t be trusted. Surprisingly, one of her earliest memories is walking into a barn with her family. Maybe that’s where she gets her love for nature. Her best childhood memories? Lego – not the toy, but a white and adorable horse. 

Her love for nature is made more apparent as she puts butterfly on her Instagram handle. She says that butterflies represent her, overall because her mother used to put decorations of it in their house when she was younger. 
Food obsession? Chocolate. 
Bella also talked about her modelling career. What goes through her mind when she gets photographed? “Be fierce. Be fierce. But not too fierce.” She alludes to her RBF – resting bitch face – which could be why people don’t think she’s nice. Bella is actually well-grounded and charming as she recognized her roots. She studied Film and Photography at Parsons, mentioning how she loved art, lighting, and the sensation of holding a camera to capture places and emotions. Who inspired her in this craft? Steven Maisel. 
Her bravest achievement? Skydiving. 
Suggested to-read book? Not surprised, but Yolanda Hadid’s Believe Me.
Vogue follows Bella around the stable, watching her greet her horses – which had awesome names. Among the few we’ve caught: Coco. Chris. Rockstar. She also introduced a rescue goat named Olivia, who adorably made a cameo in a corner. Who doesn’t love kindness, animals and beauty in one picture? 
Horoscopes? Bella believed them more than she should, and being a Libra, she wants to make everyone happy all the time. One drawback? She couldn’t make decisions.  Bella has recently rekindled her relationship with The Weekend, whom she fervently gushed about. Friends, family – these are the things most important to her. When asked what she’s up to during the holidays, she smilingly returned, “Do nothing!” That’s a supermodel answer.
If she gets to choose her secret Santa? Most certainly Gigi. We wonder why. 
The person that she got star-struck with? Former first lady Michelle Obama, to which encounter Bella comments, “shook her more than anything.”
Late night snacks? Yes, please. She’s probably digging on Domino’s or something sweet. 
Her biggest career success? You might be surprised it isn’t something tangible. Bella said it was her health and mental state, above all. 
What will always be in fashion? Kindness. 
This may seem unusual, but Bella hated getting her nails done. She’d wear her lip gloss without fail and would probably have a lip shade named with ‘butterfly’ in it. So far, she had 17 flights this month, and would most certainly grab a sneaker, a pair of boots, and riding boots when asked to pick from her shoe collection. 
Best habit? Being kind. Worst habit? Being kind. 
Her favorite dish is her mom’s spaghetti bolognese, she’d watch Mama Mia again and again, and her playlist is composed of tracks from Etta Bond. Bella then rides her horse, far away, and a Christmas-y tune gets cued. What a spunky, special girl! 

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