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We Binge-watched Being Naomi and We Discovered Who She Really Is

Andrea Raffin

Two months ago, British model, actress, and entrepreneur Naomi Campbell dropped the mic in form of a YouTube Channel, Being Naomi, and we, of course, drank it like a newly-popped soda. Who doesn't want to have an inside peek of the life of the supermodel? In her prologue, Naomi welcomes viewers in a sit-down interview, yelling, “Am I crazy? I'm opening my life to YouTube!” We don't need paparazzi anymore; cameras follow her as she goes about her personal and business life, and we're dying to know how she's, well, just like us.
In less than an hour of watching, we've discovered some interesting things about her that makes her more human (because to many of us, ‘Naomi Campbell’ is also synonymous to the supernatural goddess).

“My career has never been a strategic, planned career,” she starts off in My Journey. “It really was a career built on strife, determination, spontaneous ideas, and stepping stones.” Looking back, we all know how Naomi was recruited at the age of 14, only seeing the facade of amazing clothes draped on her as she struts the runway and be the most in-demand model of the 80s. 

But there was more to it. “I’ve been working since I was five years old,” she discloses. Five. Did we miss something? Naomi says, “I've been doing commercials, movies, musicals, theatre and I've loved it.” 

“I was wearing my uniform (when I was discovered),” she said with a jest – a wardrobe of blue kilts and blue blazers and blue vests which, of course, doesn't make you stand out. In a playback clip, a younger Naomi shares how she was surprised the agent came to her - her of all people - instead of her taller, blonde friends. The funny thing? Naomi hasn't even thought of fashion before; what she wanted was to be a dancer – like her mother. 
Valerie Morris raised Naomi singlehandedly, but not without ideals. Sending Naomi to theatre schools, she was surprised to see her daughter in a career none of them even thought of doing: modelling. In a special Christmas campaign and a behind-the-scenes interview, the equally gorgeous and young-looking mum shares the stage with Naomi and also divulging some of her daughter’s secrets. We’re charmed how the two praised, encouraged and believed in each other dearly. “People says she’s my best friend. But before (being a) best friend, you’re a mum,” Valerie answers, to which Naomi responds at the end of the video, “I will be eternally grateful to my mother.” 

But Being Naomi is not just about family life. It’s also a peek into Naomi’s advocacies, work ethics, wit, and humble favourites. It’s the place where Naomi would present her true colours by telling,

Ovidiu Hrubaru/ Shutterstock

“I want to show the world who I am and what I stand for.”

With full hearts, we watched Why I Love Nelson Mandela (and agreed how such a beautiful soul co-existed with us on the planet). We also watched her look back at 2018 and start afresh with new resolutions (can she show us how she keeps them?) and a glimpse of the music video In the Closet, where she worked with none other than Michael Jackson and Herb Ritts.

Okay, so none of us can live a life like Naomi’s, but here she is telling us that when you work hard, stay in your pursuits, remain kind and embrace spontaneity, the universe will work its way to make you shine. Naomi did just that, and she truly shined bright. 

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