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Your beauty routine on the go

Charisse Kenion

Traveling, commuting, gallivanting and adventuring needn’t get in the way of your beauty routine. While it’s harder to upkeep your sparkling complexion when you don’t have a quiet bathroom full of products and a full-size mirror, it can be done with the right products. 
On-the-go beauty should be easy, fast, effective and focused on fresh, clean skin and hair. No matter how much highlighter and lipstick you pile on, if your skin is dull, dirty and dry, you’ll never feel or look your best. 
Focus on fresh, glowing skin, full brows, hydrated lips, and voluminous, clean hair. Here are our top picks for the very best on-the-go products for staying your beautiful self during travel and adventure.

Stay clean and cleansed at all times with handy towels 

Goop essential towels

One of the worst things during travel is finding that your face and hands are in desperate need of a good, thorough cleanse...but there’s no bathroom in sight. Instead of trying to squeeze into a grubby plane bathroom, use one of these aromatherapeutic towels to cleanse your face and hands without fuss. 

Give yourself the gift of soft, uninterrupted sleep with a silk mask 

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

If there’s one thing you need during travel and busy work’s sleep. But sleep is also very hard to come by when on the go. Busy hostel dorms, loud vehicles, jet lag, all comes together to steal our zzz’s. A light-blocking mask is a great way to improve your sleep and catch shut-eye when you can. This light-barring mask from Slip is designed to keep your eye creams and serums on your skin, without soaking them into the fabric. 

Stay hydrated at all times and quench the skin from the inside out 

Myequa leakproof glass drink bottle

Traveling dehydrates you, and dehydration leads to fatigue, headaches and dull, dry skin. Keep up your water intake and sip on H20 constantly. For this, you need a leak-free water bottle without nasty chemicals. This bottle is awesome as you can fill it with cold and hot liquids...i.e. iced water or hot tea. 

De-puff your eyes and face as you commute

Mount Lai Mini De-Puffing Roller

Sleep deprivation can cause our eyes to become puffy and tired-looking. And with sleep deprivation generally comes tension and stress.  A crystal roller gets the facial and jaw muscles nice and limber, relieving stress and promoting relaxation. It also supports lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and water retention around the eyes. This cute, mini roller from Mount Lai is incredibly pretty, compact and easy to use. Use it with your travel serums and creams too. 

Frame your face with bold, bushy brows 

Glossier Boy Brow

Brows, lashes and lips are the keys to looking awake and polished any time, anywhere. Carry a handy little brow product with a bushy-enhancing spoolie and tinted gel. You can’t get any better than Glossier Boy Brow. Bold and bushy but entirely natural. 

Stay fresh and sweet with a spill-free fragrance 

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Solid Perfume

During intrepid travels, it’s sometimes hard to catch a proper shower as often as you’d like. Getting stuck on hot, delayed trains, in airports and on busses can make us feel a little...unfresh. Carry a solid perfume in your bag to rub onto your neck and wrists to stay sweet-smelling and confident. No spills, no breaking bottles. 

Keep your eyes bright and alert with a potent eye serum 

Eyeko Eye Boost serum

Eye serums such as this amazing one from Eyeko are great for travels because they’re sleek, small and powerful. Dab around your eyes each night and wake up brighter, younger and more rested. 

Stay smooth and bird’s nest in sight 

Tangle Teezer - The Compact Style

Keeping longer hair tidy, sleek and knot-free is tough during travels. You don’t always have the chance to wash your hair and tend to it carefully. You absolutely need a Tangle Teezer in order to keep your hair smooth and manageable on the go. Combine with a good dry shampoo and voila, clean, tangle-free hair. 

Be minty-fresh and smiling sparkly 24/7

MoMA MUJI Portable Toothbrush, Cup and Toothpaste

It can be a real nuisance carrying a full-sized toothbrush and toothpaste in your suitcase, having to rummage around to find it each time you need it. Instead, keep a compact little tooth set ready and waiting in your handbag. You can brush your teeth wherever and whenever you need to with this handy portable pack from MoMA MUJI. 

Fight dry hands and keep your mits silky smooth 

L’Occitane Hand cream

Our hands are one of the very first parts of our body to become dehydrated, rough and dry, especially during travel. Keep a rich hand cream in your bag at all times and massage it in when you get a quiet moment. 

Be instantly bright, young, glossy and plump...on a plane, train, anywhere 

Go-To Transformazing Sheet mask

Sheet masks are the best way to give your skin an instant hit of nourishment, kind of like a green smoothie for your face. This mask from Go-To is filled with a hydrating serum which leaves you glowing and dewy no matter how drained you are. Easy to use in a hostel bathroom, or even on a plane if you’re okay with getting some funny looks! 

Shrink pores, increase moisture, soothe, smooth and smell like a rose 

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Mini Toner

Keep a travel-sized bottle of toner to keep your skin balanced and clear. This toner from Fresh is a great multi-tasker. It shrinks pores, retains moisture, soothes irritated skin, leaves skin feeling smooth and smells yummy too. Use after cleansing and before moisturizing. 

Prep the skin and keep it lookin’ even with a slick of vitamin-rich serum 

Farsali Unicorn Essence Antioxidant Primer Serum Mini

Keep this mini serum in your beauty bag to keep the skin even, moisturized, and firm. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your skin nourished during long, hard days of travel, work, and play. 

Fight dehydration and soothe angry, flaky skin no matter where you end up 

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Plane travel combined with long nights out (with alcohol, let’s be real) completely decimates the moisture levels in your skin. To combat this, you need an ultra-hydrating cream to combat scaly, red, or irritated skin. This cream by First Aid Beauty is not only hydrating but it’s soothing for inflamed skin too. Keep this stashed in your bag and use it as your weapon against tight, dry, irritated skin. 

Blushed cheeks and juicy lips without brushes or hassle 

Milk Makeup Mini Lip + Cheek

This mini stick is ideal for adding creamy color and life to cheeks and lips with nothing more than a quick swipe and dab. It’s nourishing, hydrating and completely life-giving. With a slick of mascara and a smudge of color onto clean skin...I mean, you’re gorgeous. 

Pop those eyes no matter how tired they are...

Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara

Keep a mini mascara in your handbag at all times, and make it a volumizing one like this one from Lancome. If there’s one cosmetic which takes you from tired to’s mascara...hands down. Open those peepers and keep mascara as your secret weapon AT. ALL. TIMES (this is coming from a pale girl who literally has no visible eyelashes without mascara).

Keep your locks clean and bouncy...shower-free 

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Do NOT forget a bottle of dry shampoo in your bag when traveling and working on-the-go. It’s hard to find time to wash your hair when between cities and countries, and the last thing you want is dank, greasy roots and flat lengths. This is a fantastic dry shampoo as it’s softening and nourishing while super cleansing and volumizing at the same time. 


Buy yourself a set of mini, travel-friendly beauty products to keep neatly stashed in your handbag at all times. You will always have fresh, clean, hydrated skin, bushy brows, clean hair, and rosy cheeks no matter how frantic your adventures are. 

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