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Apartment Crush: Mesarska by Arhitekti Počivašek Petranovič

Big windows, tons of light, amazing interior. It’s chic, it’s different and, if you’ve stumbled upon it on Instagram, chances are you’ve been drooling all over it, like I have. I’m talking about the apartment on Mesarska street in Ljubljana, the latest project of Arhitekti Počivašek Petranovič architectural bureau based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The bureau was cofounded by Davorin Počivašek and Urban Petranovič in 2017, mostly focusing on architectural and urban projects as well as the design of interior spaces and furnishing.

A little bit more about their bureau and their latest to-die-for project Mesarska, below: 

1. Describe your architectural office in 5 words:
Fresh, thinking, full of surprises.

2. What’s your creative process? Where does it all start?
Usually everything starts with a visit of the site or the place where our project would take place. That’s usually also the time when we meet the clients for the first time and have a discussion regarding the project. We always do research about the pros and cons of the site, which is also a starting point for further development of the project. Another important thing is the client’s wishes and demands. Then we put all inputs together, “spice it up” with some creative thinking and we get a project.

3. How do you combine your client’s wishes with your idea of the space?
Clients’ wishes are a significant part of our design process. Different personal wishes usually lead to unconventional solutions and we like that. For instance, in this apartment, there was a huge area along all the windows and loggias as some kind of corridor, but we weren’t sure how to use this area because it was so narrow and had a lot of unused corners. Our client is a huge plant lover so we got an idea to make this “in between” space between the outside and the inside like a continuous garden with interior and exterior plants along all the windows. This somehow became the main topic of this project. Speaking of clients, we must say the clients were everything we could wish for. They understood our intentions and respected the project to the last detail which is fantastic.

4. Where does your work as an architect end and the interior designer’s work start? Do you sometimes do it all—from the initial plans to the interior?
We are architects, not interior designers, so we normally have a more technical approach. First, we solve all the functional and technical aspects of the project and then mix it up with ”interior design” solutions. So yes, we always try to make projects from the initial sketch, through all the technical stuff, all the way to choosing and designing furniture and equipment.

5. What was the main inspiration for the apartment on Mesarska that we’re all crushing on so hard?
Big windows, corner apartment - lots of light, beautiful views of the outside, big open living/dining area. We would say the main concept was to empty the existing apartment, demolish all unnecessary walls and make new floors. Kind of making new neutral shell where we could then put new fresh furniture and plants. We put the most effort into making a new kitchen and dining area, along with the bathroom. These spaces were in the worst conditions.

6. Are there a few key elements that the rest of the apartment was based on? If so which ones?  
Among the most important parts of the apartment are definitely the floors. In the living area, balconies and bathroom, we chose to put terrazzo floor which is very durable. We worked a lot on choosing the right aggregate for this in-site cast terrazzo, to make it look fresh and up to date and not like that old terrazzo floors that reminds us of the socialistic housings. It is made of white Carrara marble and ochre stones mixed with blue glass. In other rooms we used whitened oak parquet, to give rooms more domestic and warm feeling. We also designed washing basin in the bathroom and small bedside tables that were then all handmade by terrazzo craftsmen.

7. What’s your favourite part of the apartment and why?
Big living and dining area with lots of plants, and kitchen that can be hidden in the “closet.” We love the massive kitchen table with the cooking area.

8. What was the biggest challenge with the apartment (if there was one)?
I think carpenters had quite a hard time to get the big kitchen table into the apartment. They needed to get a crane to lift it and get it into the apartment through the window.

9. How did you balance function with aesthetic appeal?
We think/hope very well.

10. Is there a theme that unites all your projects, including this one?
Yes, but we are still a young office (year and a half old) so let’s wait for a while with this question… haha.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Arhitekti Počivašek Petranovič and for the theme of all their projects to eventually be revealed. 


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