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This Valentine's Day Your Only Option Is "Valentino Red"

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Red for Valentine's Day? Predictable, yes, but you don't have to be cheesy. As the frosty colour of winter switches into the luscious, passionate hue, don't get caught wearing the same shade everyone else does. We've got tips on how to level up your Valentine's Day wardrobe without looking like a lover's day uniform. Hint: it's not the bright red orange you'll see on the cupid hearts stamped on big glass windows.
Instead, turn your head to "Valentino red". This deep cherry colour exudes elegance, femininity, and fun at the same time. It's your favourite shade of tint as you gloss your lips before you head out into your date, so why not create a complete V-Day wardrobe out of it? We share three outfits that are nothing less than fire, and no matter what your Valentine’s Date is all about, you can always find the perfect "Valentino red" to complement it.

If you're heading to a fun date after-work, this easy-on-the-eye outfit is your best bet. We've fished out the breezy polka-dot pussy-bow shirt in Valentino’s famous red, a gracious way to celebrate the day without being in-your-face about it. Don this lovely, versatile shirt with a pair of high-waist cigarette trousers, fit for work and the after-night parties. It bears much power; this pair of pants emphasizes your curves and lengthens your legs. Instead of the ankle-killing heels, slip into a pair of red Gucci loafers – the dash of androgyny exudes charm and wit. This warder is a perfect style option for girls working 9-5 with a few hours to spend you’re your significant other. With this wardrobe, you're never underdressed.

Net-a-porter/ Primpy

Spending Valentine's Day out in the snow? How about wrapping yourself in this prime padded jacket from Prada, splashed with a bright red colour? This hue is sweet, swoony, and the jacket is warm enough to ward off the unnecessary sniffles. Instead of the regular denim, pair it with a Monse plaid pants, beautifully accentuated with a side drape that makes its kilt-look feminine. Go all the way; finish the entire look with a pair of shimmering Dr Martens in glittery red. Now, go ahead and trudge into the snow and feel all lovey-dovey on your winter holiday.

Net-a-porter, Dr.Martens/Primpy

Valentine's Day is all about passion; set the night on fire by slipping into this chic strappy dress from Attico as you head out to the club (or, alternatively, a restaurant he thoughtfully picked). We loved its ruched sides and its subtle prints that takes the LBD to a whole new level. Heels are so-so; ignore the call of your regular black pumps into this bright red vinyl boots from Paul Andrew, giving your look a case for modern pin-up. And, to keep you warm and cosy through the night, make sure to wrap yourself in this velvety fur number from La Seine & Moi before you unleash your full hotness.

Net-a-porter, Farfetch/Primpy

There’s no doubt about it: Valentine’s is for "Valentino red". The season may seem cheesy to some, but your date wardrobe is not.

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