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Moschino Pays Tribute to Federico Fellini and His Influence in Film and Fashion

Vlad Prokopenko

There is magic in black and white, for not even the lack of colour can deny the artistic grace brilliantly portrayed in many of Federico Fellini's cinematic works. Highly lauded as one of the best Italian filmmakers of all time, the spirit of Fellini's La Dolce Vita returns in a new manifestation as embodied by Moschino's Men's 2019 Fall collection and Women's Pre-fall 2019. On January 8, the Italian brand is set to start the year with a sweeping collection at the historic Cinecittà, where Fellini has filmed some of his most iconic cinematography.

With a world rich in style and satirical noir, Federico Fellini turned hearts with humour and tearful melancholy.

In La Dolce Vita, his ground-breaking work, Fellini shed the spotlight on society's obsession with celebrity culture, exposing the underlying layers of dark and superfluous amidst the glitz and glamour. Here, the word paparazzi was born, a preying sort of journalism where one invades the “sweet life” known to masses.

A master of neorealism, Fellini took inspiration from the tragic side of life.

In Nights of Cabiria, a woman searching for love keeps encountering men who only wanted her for money. In La Strada, an itinerant street performer takes in a naive, young woman whom he failed to love in return. Federico Fellini did not only film but also wrote, screenplays on various occasions; one of which was Rome, nominated for an Academy Award in 1947. A few of his other notable works included 8 1/2, a comedy-drama about a film director struggling with creativity, and the gorgeous Casanova, an autobiography of the 18th-century writer.

The Glorious world of Fellini - Exhibition presented costumes from films of Federico Fellini/Vlad Prokopenko/Shutterstock

Fellini’s influence, even to today’s new generation of directors, runs deep. The picturesque backdrop, the tasteful styling and the compelling writing made an impact, not only in the world of contemporary cinema but also on pop culture. The sartorial images helmed from his cinematic body of work can be attributed to his brilliant collaborators, one of which is Piero Gherardi. If there was another genius to praise for the stylized looks of La Dolce Vita, it is Gherardi. The self-taught designer beautifully strewn the classic ensembles for the cast, including Marcelo Rubini’s dapper and brooding charm. The character shines in his Latin lover look, in tailored suits and single-breasted jackets complete with peeking French cuffs and large sunglasses in black. Maddalena, on the other hand, took the stage with her midi black ensembles, making her appear a chic yet grim heroine. Her sequined number, one with a low-cut back and side slit, is nothing less than iconic. This silhouette, taken from sack dresses, impressed Fellini in a surprisingly ironic way; it created a breathtaking image of the woman who appears to be a “skeleton of squalor and solitude inside.”

Last but not least, who would forget Anita Ekberg's strapless gown, which showcased her full figure and light hair as she approached Fontana di Trevi in a glorious romp?

According to creative director Jeremy Scott, La Dolce Vita, and other of Fellini's famous body of work were taken as inspirations for Moschino's January runway event. One can anticipate a decadent serving of noir, nostalgia and a sartorial fit, made for the lovers of the chic and classic.

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