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ColorsXStudio: The Home Of Amazing Music And Visionary Style

by popcorner

ColorsXStudios has two great passions: great music and great style. It’s that simple. And it’s a smart combination: style has always helped talented artists establish a unique presence in the industry. Think of David Bowie. Think of Lady Gaga. Their innovative styles are defining elements of their identity. 

Style is about self-expression. Style is about being who you want to be. Just like music.

ColorsXStudios believes in the power of music to liberate us. To bring us together. And to make us aspire to greater things. It aims to 'offer a minimalistic stage to shine a spotlight’ on different artists from across the globe, exposing them to a broader audience and empowering them to be themselves.

ColorsXStudios supports an eclectic roster of artists from across the spectrum of genres. You’ll find details on upcoming shows in such diverse locations as Denmark, the United States, the UK, France and Argentina. You’ll find beautiful photography showcasing the artists on their own terms, owning their personal style. Authenticity is paramount. The different genres ColorsXStudios focuses on include:
● Groove
● Electronic
● Rhymes & Beats
● Late Night
● Smooth
● Hype

In short, ColorsXStudios has a sound for everyone. Artists supported include:
Dutch singer-songwriter Rimon released three incredible singles — ‘Grace’, ‘Nightime’, and ‘Realize’ — which helped introduce her distinctive voice to an amazed audience. She’s a versatile talent, and her debut project ‘BBYGIRL FOCU$’ is a stunning achievement promising great things for her in the future.

Blu Samu
Blu Samu takes elements from a surprising range of styles — hip hop, soul, funk — and blends it together in her own inimitable way. Her distinctive look reflects her sound, as evidenced by her short-but-sweet performance at ColorsXStudios. Singles like ‘I Run’ and ‘Phases’ prove her to be an artist to watch, while her debut EP — ‘Moka’ — is essential listening.

Sunni Colon
Sunni Colon is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. He released an EP in 2016, ‘Thierry Disko’, which revolved around poetic lyrics and a powerful funk-inspired sound. His follow-up EP, ‘Satin Psicodelic’, is another slam dunk.

This selection of four artists demonstrate the breadth and depth of ColorsXStudios’ commitment to supporting rising talents, and giving them a place to show the world what they’re made of. Each is unique in sound and style, encompassing everything ColorsXStudios believes in.

The ColorsXStudios Formula
ColorsXStudios is a platform for artists unlike any other, as inspired as the talent in its stable. Everything about it shines. Everything about it compels. Everything about it captures your imagination. How? By embracing color. By embracing music. By embracing diversity. Fans of original sounds and passionate artists will find so much to be excited about at ColorsXStudios. The platform is streamlined and minimalistic in design, but don’t let that fool you: it’s rich in content, in power, in life. Every image, every track and every item in its shop is the result of passion, vision and creativity. The artists featured inspire not just in their sounds, but in their looks. Style is inherent to ColorsXStudios, and it oozes from every page. The Colors Capsule Collection — a Limited Edition line — belongs to a team with its finger on the pulse of forward-thinking fashion.

How is ColorsXStudios Different to Other Studios?
ColorsXStudios is without comparison, without equal. This online platform has been built with love, with respect, with an appreciation for the individual. Every artist featured at ColorsXStudios has their own look, style, sounds and goals. Other studios may try to fit their artists into a mold. They may dilute talent and twist their artists out of shape, until they’re almost unrecognisable. ColorsXStudios never does that. It blends music with style to bring an invaluable new outlet for creativity, establishing itself as a hub for cutting-edge talent. Whether you listen to it. Whether you wear it. ColorsXStudios has you covered.


Looking to learn more about ColorsXStudios? Take a look at our Shows, our Music and our Shop pages right now.

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