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About us

PrimpyMag is a project of idealists! We believe that along with democratisation of fashion, fashion magazines should also become more accessible.

Do you often search for something like "what to wear with jeans" and stumble upon a lot of articles about how jeans refer to the Flemish art of the XVI century and many outfits that can be put on by either influencers or crazy?
PrimpyMag is a magazine about fashion democracy. We want every visitor to find compelling and relevant advice on how to carry basic things and how to diversify your wardrobe. We talk about fashion in a simple way.

But that's not all! We are big dreamers, and we want to create an entirely transparent and honest social network, and then layer it with a cross-platform system dedicated to fashion! How will this work? We will give an opportunity for all users to have a voice and show their style: write articles, gain followers, become an influencer and earn on it. Seems like an impossible promise? It's not far from the truth.

We want to show that to become influencer there is no need to be famous or rich: you need to have style and be willing to share it. Our system to become an influencer bases on your engage rate - we evaluate how many people follow your feed (not just the number of followers!) and if you are good at what you do, you’ll become an influencer!

We have some bonuses for influencers: they can give style advice to regular users, create their shops and sell items, or become ambassadors for a shop or brand. And earn from it!

Also, as Primpy is a fashion social network, it will be easier to connect with right people and find new customers: you just need to create your profile and write about you, so others can know what you’re doing. To promote your service, you can write articles (editor will check them out) or contact us to advertise your product on our homepage. (We love our users, that's why we are highly selective on what we promote)

We are really enthusiastic about Primpy and, hopefully, you are too! We want you to become a part of this project by sharing your style. Are you ready to become a Primper?